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    Be it wiggling plants, that giant desert tree or Marino's family relations - this update ties up the pieces of partially finished content throughout the game!

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    About the Update

    For every step closer we've gotten to finishing™ the story, the "loose ends" of Story Mode have become more and more of an eye sore. With loose ends I mean teased but unreachable areas, unfinished features (looking at you, memory room) and other unresolved stuff that makes the world feel incomplete to our standards.

    We want to transition to 1.0 with the update that concludes Story Mode, so with the final dungeon being what remains between Roger Lyke and the credit roll, we realized we've reached the point where pushing this major task to the side no longer made sense!

    Over a number of Frontline updates, we've made a ton of addition and improvements. Let's list them!

    Marino's Mansion

    After beating Marino for the first time, you'll now have access to his family's impressive estate! You'll find a couple of new quests and secrets in here, not to mention being able to appreciate all the splendid decor.


    Maybe you've noticed those wiggling little sprouts that appear here and there across the game! These things can now grow up to fulfill their true destiny as ladders, letting you reach previously inaccessible areas! In these areas, you'll find a varying amount of secrets and NPCs.

    To grow the plants, you'll use a new item, "Super Fertilizer", which you can get via some new quests and secrets!

    There used to be only two of these things, but now there's four!

    The Arena + Boss Rematch

    The memory room was scrapped and now every boss in the game can be fought again inside the Evergrind Arena! You can choose if you want to fight it at its original power level, or scaled to suit your current strength.

    There are also new gauntlets, and new rewards for completing said gauntlets!

    Also, as a part of this, Boss Drops have been reworked to become guaranteed drops instead of something you farm for by repeatedly defeating the boss. And as a part of that several bosses got new items as drops! If you've already beaten the bosses, you'll receive their rewards automatically.


    You can grow plants in your house now, too, by picking up seeds dropped from plant-based enemies! Finally!



    We know you've all yearned to see more of this guy!

    Splash Screen

    The game has been pretty unresponsive on startup so we've added a startup loading screen, which also displays backer credits!

    A boatload of other content

    Seven new quests
    Three new bosses
    A bunch of secrets
    New treasure maps
    Lots of new items
    40+ new NPCs
    GUI improvements
    Translation tool improvements
    Bug fixes
    New bugs probably
    And a Bug Net

    What's next?

    With the side-content of Story Mode basically at 100%, we'll now shift some of our focus to finish up Arcade Mode, with the two remaining floors (Desert and Lost Ship)! After that it's finally time to start implementing the final dungeon (to which a lot of design work is already laid down).
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    I'd rather grind for the ingredients, but okay :p

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