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    Hello Everyone. I am kinda new here in forums.

    I have a loooot of compliments about the game but in this subforum, I should keep this short and subject oriented I guess.


    I don't know if there is any work in progress about this. I don't read the devlog because I don't wanna spoil the game for myself but;

    Most of the steam achievements been made for arcade mode. It would be great if there were more (a lot more) achievements throughout the story mode.
    - Advancing in the game,
    - Finding secrets,
    - For cards and all other collectibles,
    - Completing %100 of different areas,
    - Getting specific number of frags for specific enemies,
    - Maybe for experimenting different setups and combinations with skills,
    - For house upgrades,
    - Reading logs and stuff (or to be more exact; for paying attention to the game)
    - Some endof-skill-level or end-game oriented,
    - And ofc some real challengers,
    - etc...etc...etc..

    Thanks again for developing such a great game!
    Love you & stay safe!

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