Streaming Secrets of Grinda Arcade mode!


Green Slime
Since I have nothing else to do this morning, I thought I could pull up the stream again and play some more Arcade mode for you guys! And I would like to give big thanks to all the dudes who joined me yesterday, Thank you dudes!

Also, Vilya has kindly let us borrow her cam! So now you can see my lovley face aswell!

Enjoy the show and have an awesome day dudes! Peace!


Handsome Moderator
What about making a streaming subforum? You could call it:
- Masters at work
- Forging the dream
- Streaming of Grindea
Or you could just find better names xD or make a small poll for the name.


do you think you can save your video archives?
if theres one thing in the internet that makes me even angryer its streamers not saving there archives

theres no reason to not do it, do you think you could do it from now on?


Green Slime
Haven't done some streams in a while but the next time I do, I will for sure save my streams! No problemooo ^^