The New Update or Dad has just 1 arm (and no name)


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Dad has only 1 arm and i am just noticing? Why have i never seen this?
Oh god. And will his non existent name be a running gag?
Hehe, I also didn't realize the fact of the one armed dad until he mentioned it. I always thought he just hid it behind his body or in a pocket. Oh well. He should just die and respawn.


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I feel like there are two different possibilities with dad's name. It will either stay "Dad" for the whole game or there will be a part in the game where they tell us the story about our mom and how dad lost his arm. The second one will probably be told by somebody else that will refer to his real name while telling the story. (I bet his real name is Ted and we'll get a "How I met your mother" story. XD ) I'm ready to be completely wrong about this.