Translating the game? How to Post Translation Threads!


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So, you want to create a translation for your language? Then you should create a thread in this forum describing the translations you're going for!

Here's the preferred format of the topic:

[Language] (Translation type) - [Description]

Example: [German] (Direct Translation) - Need more people for translation!
Example: [Spanish] (Idiomatic Translation) - Advanced Spanish translation

For translation types, there are basically Direct Translation, meaning you'll stay very true to the English lines, or Idiomatic Translation, which means you might stray from the original lines in order to create a more natural translation. An example of an Idiomatic Translation would be to give certain characters dialects from your country!

By distinguishing between these two types, players can choose if they want neutral sounding dialogue, or pretend the game is set in their own country. Also, it's pretty important for a translation team to know of the creative direction!

If you have no clue what direction you're taking, you can just skip defining the translation type. You can always add one later if you realize you're going in a certain direction!

The content of your thread can be more free form, but you should probably mention if you want help with the translations or not.

When you're done with the translation, load it up and try it in game, and then upload it to your thread as a ZIP-file (or upload it someplace else and link to the file). Then PM me and I'll add your translation to a sticky list thread!

Don't forget to notify people that you've made a translation for the game. It's okay to promote your finished translation in General Discussion, and if you know of any other forums where the game is being discussed in your language, you should probably post there too!
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