Version 0.570b


Green Slime
Patch 0.570b (the third digit appears!)

Summary: This patch consists almost entirely of bug fixes and quality of life changes to the game! Significant additions might take a while since Fred is away over the weekend to attend the RSM Expo, and I'm going to take that opportunity to work on the translation tools for the game. They are pretty near completion and it would be good to push out a beta version so people can start testing that stuff.

  • Added a zero to the patch note number, improving the game by several million percent
  • Added the Slime Hammer as a craftable item
  • You can now restart a memory room fight by holding Esc
  • In Arcade Mode, if you get a card while enemies are still present, it will be added to a queue shown upon room clear to avoid view blocking
  • Robin's target practice now has a proper GUI
  • The memory room now heals your party upon entering
  • Boss items are still boss, but don't sell for a billion, preventing memory room OP farming strats
  • The placeholder laser sword sound is now much quieter, although just as scary
  • The Sentry's defense has been lowered on Hard difficulty
  • Katarina (the stonecutter) has a new portrait
  • A bunch of portraits have been touched up (Harry, Mumrik, Fransisco, fighting dudes, Edward, Jonathan, Nysbruden and Luke)
Bug Fixes
  • Herding all the chickens for Nysbruden and then zoning without turning the quest in no longer renders it unfinishable
  • The target of aimable spells now appears properly when silver charged through perfect guard
  • The fishing exam has been reworked so players can keep fishing after their first catch, and should not get stuck
  • Fishing in the Pumpkin Woods should no longer cause your character to get stuck
  • Clients no longer remove persistent spells upon game over, properly retaining the butterfly trinket and avoiding some crashes
  • Amalet no longer appears in the lab after defeating GUN-D4M
  • Boar cards obtained over multiple arcade mode runs no longer stack (sadly, it was pretty cool!)
  • Memory Room Gun-D4m can now be targeted by plants, spirit slash and other spells that aquire targets
  • Double slot facegears now show up properly for clients upon connecting
  • Reworked the quest completion code by a ton in order to guarantee a character will be rewarded before the quest is flagged as completed
My version of SoG is full up to date, but Amalet still appears in the lab after beating GUN-D4M and I still can't turn in the "Give Amalet to Quinton" quest...