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Patch 0.595a

Summary: This update lets you progress further into the Temple of Seasons (to do everything but battle the final boss)! There are some details not quite in yet, such as all of the bonus chests and their content, but as far as the actual temple goes things are pretty much in place. Also, some bug fixes and general polish focused on the temple!

  • Reflections have been added to the various patches of ice in the Temple of Seasons
  • More content has been added to the Temple of Seasons - you can now play up until just before the end boss
  • The 'Temple of Seasons' theme song has been added!
  • Some additional cutscene animations have been added for the fae elder cutscenes
  • Phaseman got promoted and received a proper Boss Portrait after his introduction
  • The enemies in the Temple of Seasons now have their real loot
  • Enemies in the Temple of Seasons now drop cards properly - the knights share one card, and the mages another
  • The Error Report Tool will now limit itself to two instances per 10 seconds, preventing spam during error loops
  • Perfect guarding the hydra's headbutt now stops it dead in its tracks instead of just preventing shield break
  • The Hydras now have a small collision box when lying on the ground
Bug Fixes
  • It's no longer possible to change the season to summer from the bottom floor at the Season Temple entrance
  • You can no longer abuse the poor hydras through the ice and kill them before they awaken
  • You can no longer activate switches using ranged skills, allowing for unintentional progression
  • Card drop chance no longer increases when killing enemies empowered by their corresponding season
  • If Naniva has an active chat bubble when entering a cutscene, it will no longer become permanent
  • Direct hits from the hydra's fire- or ice breaths will no longer leave behind hurtboxes, triggering dodging strikes
  • The Season Hydras had their diet changed so as to no longer cough out a Frostling stick upon death


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Thanks for the update Teddy! By the way, there seemed to be a lot of progress with the house/furniture feature a while back. Is that planned to be released on the frontline version soon?

EDIT: Also there seems to be some areas in the Temple of Seasons where the ice still isn't reflective such as the very first room you enter.
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That water puzzle is extremely fun! Finally something you can't solve with closed eyes :D Also, if it's the whole temple, I see some lost potential. You know, ice but no sliding blocks. But maybe it wouldn't be too original.

I didn't like the new music theme. It's like a bit generic and repetitive. It could also be nice for it to differ a bit for each season.

Plus a minor artifact found on the way:


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Noticed that in the room where you can push the wooden blocks around, if you stand above the 'Summer' orb and whack it, you will end up stuck in the water and unable to get back on land, unless you have a long 2H weapon. Nice update!