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Patch 0.599omega - Storm Before the Calm

Summary: The Steam release took its toll on all of us, with the customary sleep deprivation caused by exciting times, and a lot of effort going into the Steam Forums until enough people were familiar with the game that 80 % of those topics are now handled by the community.

That being said, we still managed to get some work done towards the end of the week and over the weekend. This is mostly bug fixes (most notably the annoying multiplayer connection bugs), but we've also added some more hairstyles, so that's pretty cool!

This should be the last patch before 0.600a, which is basically just a Stable branching point, where we'll start differentiating between the two branches again.

  • Added four haircuts for both genders (8 total)
  • You can now access your Card Album from an item in your inventory
  • The /respec beta command should now reset your skill points to the correct amount based on level and quest rewards
  • Vavani's portrait has been updated to better match the sprite
  • The darkest blue and every teal hair color palette have been improved
Bug Fixes
  • The Blade Flurry gold charge now shows the weapon
  • You can no longer take a jog in the air from the Evergrind Café
  • Crafting from the Inventory Recipe List should work as intended now
  • Frosty Friend should now revive properly for clients if revived during a cutscene
  • Using the local co-op hack should no longer cause random crashes during zoning
  • Fixed a bug causing the game to crash if viewing 4p highscores if only two players of the winning team had submitted
  • Gold Charge Frosty Friend should no longer bully the player out of rooms that he doesn't deem worthy
  • Restarting a challenge now grants an arrow refill
  • Clients should now be able to pick up arrows in the Arena
  • Hidden pets should no longer blink in and out of existence when zoning
  • Marino should no longer practice olympic powerwalking while inside Collector's HQ
  • Clients should no longer be able to get stuck in 'Waiting for players' at the end of cutscenes
  • The finisher on Gold Charge Spirit Slash now uses the collision layers of the target enemy
  • Insect Swarm should now function properly against the Season Hydras
  • Fixed a bug causing clients to sometimes get stuck forever on Connecting if host used password
  • Connecting to a friend after being a host should now work properly
  • One of the male haircuts has been adjusted to fit the head better
Next Patch, 0.600a: For the next patch, I'll implement the rest of Vilya's menu rework, as well as making some small world building related NPC changes in Santa Fae (every Fae will become unique instead of nameless spectators).
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Keep up the great work guys this project is definitely going somewhere when finished and I see money and a BUNCH of fans to be made. The game does need a lot of work. Two places I saw that were buggy was that shop with the 2 women on it at the table. When you go upstairs and talk to them from the restaurant there is a major clipping issue. There is also one at the building where Marino steals your amulet. You are able to walk on top of a statue, fountains and all over the front of the building itself. Also, the weird snow giant you can summon makes it difficult to transition from one map to another he is pushing and I think if you were able to walk through him this would fix that problem. He keeps pushing me back to the same map when I am trying to go somewhere or simply slows me down by getting in my way.

Aside from all of that, I really got sucked into the story. I would like to see more of the Black Ferret and their boss. I would also like to see Marino make a comeback through out the game as he is a character you already want to kick the shit out of and maybe later you gain his respect or something and have to work along side with him to defeat a boss or he is killed and you are asked to avenge his death. I loved the feeling you get when you first meet the grandmaster. It makes me think what a bitch and I am certain I will have to kick her ass later and it's going to be hard.

Keep up the good work guys and do not get discouraged!


Oh I see. Well it's still confusing. (since there are only two genders, which was implied by the "both", and most people can do 2 x 4. You would assume that any information appended to the end of a statement would be because it refers to information not available in the statement) Anyway, just me being pedantic.