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  1. Teddy

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    Patch 0.603a - A Lovely Reunion

    Summary: More cutscenes! More battle! More ferrets!

    Frontline Notes

    (SFX/Music) We're waiting for the final bunch of SFX to get in before we implement them in one fell swoop for the Stable update!

    (Bonus Commands) You can type /festivalreset to reset the entire festival, even after you've completed the quest (but not before)

    /skipgames will make the game skip the three mandatory minigames

    /labreset will reset the progress made while inside the HQ during the festival

    (In multiplayer, the clients must type the above commands before the server to prevent desync)

    Then we have a few graphical commands! Non 16:9 users can now type /blackborders for fullscreen with black borders instead of stretching, or /stretchtowidth to make the game stretch to the horizontal edges but not vertically. Finally we've added an experimental /loweffects command which currently only disables shadowmaps and reflections. As of now, these settings are not saved between sessions!


    As usual, you're very welcome to leave feedback on all parts of the update below! If you give feedback on the black ferret boss, please add what level you are and what build you're running so we can take that into consideration!

    • You can now go ahead and finish the festival arc!
    • Experimental chat commands: /blackborders (fullscreen with black borders), /stretchtowidth (black borders only on top), /loweffects (disable shadowmaps and reflections)
    • Non-crafted items will appear as Unknown until you've actually crafted them, even if you have all the ingredients
    • Ni now refers to Marino by his fancy clothes instead of the color of his hair to avoid blue haired player confusion
    • The Frostling Boots no longer completely nullify ice, but drastically improve maneuverability
    • The Meteor spell has gotten a larger outer AoE - epicenter radius (for burn debuff) remains the same
    • Some shop changes in Arcade Mode (Steel Sword now earlier and cheaper than Stinger, added Laser Sword)
    • The Festival Strength game now gives each player two attempts (unless they ace it on the first try)
    • You can now retry the Fishing Game and the Running Game (woohoo!!) as many times as you wish during the Festival
    • The large gauntlet battle in the Temple of Season has gotten a reduced total enemy count
    Bug Fixes
    • Accepting the cloned monster challenge in Arcade Mode should no longer occasionally spawn enemies outside of bounds
    • Trying to skip cutscenes in the arena no longer restarts the challenge instead
    • Oaks interaction collider should now be placed a bit more sensibly!
    • Going to the festival strength challenge without a weapon now equips you with a fake wooden sword
    • Flamehtrower should no longer instantly cancel when double tapping the spell button
    • The chat window no longer announces everyone's perks at the start of Arcade Mode runs
    • Using the Fae Summoner in Arcade Mode should no longer make Bishop and Nurse invisible
    Next Patch, 0.610 STABLE: This whole thing gets sounds and the ordinary folks over at the Stable beta can finally enjoy stuff above 0.6! After that, we'll move on to Mt. Bloom!
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  2. Own

    Own Moderator

    I'm level 23, Whirlslash build, beat the Black Ferret boss on about the third try on Hard Mode. But I was mainly just walking around watching to see what all their attacks were the first two times. Felt like a nicely balanced battle on my third attempt when I actually tried. What happens if you kill Teddy, Freddy or Vilya when they're about to trigger the smokebomb? I kept trying to do that, see if it'd interrupt it. I really like the animations and attacks, though, it was fun :)

    Oh, bug report central, reporting in.

    - Can't talk to photographer after dad requests baking soda.

    - Green slime vanishes from the Collector's HQ terrarium during the Ivy Cutscene?

    - Weird echo when I swing my 2-H weapon in Collector's HQ battle, as if I'm in a cave. Not sure if this is a bug or not.

    - I can teleport out of the HQ after winning the Collector's HQ battle, but before going into Ivy's Office. I didn't, because I was on my main save and didn't want to risk corrupting it, but that seems like it could screw up the game. I wonder what happens if I save and quit my game here and log back in? Will I be unable to progress?

    - Quinton: "Too bad this incident with Master Ivy's office, though." I think 'about' is meant to go between 'bad' and 'this'.

    - Quinton: "They bust the place up good..." I think that's supposed to be 'busted'

    - Wedge: "It was Biggs' ideas all along!" They were Biggs' ideas, or It was Biggs' idea all along.

    - When I hit the punching back 1 bar short of max, it Dinged, I think. When I hit it at max no sound was made.

    Edit If there's any builds specifically you want me to test on Vil/Ted/Fred on Normal or Hard, let me know.
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  3. KoBeWi

    KoBeWi Jumpkin

    One note for the cutscene - Teddy and Freddy drop their loot on stairs, which should result in loot rolling down (you know, physics).

    I had a major bug during battle - I somehow managed to kill Freddy and Teddy was standing behind wall. Then I killed Vilya and couldn't win the fight. Teddy was standing like frozen and I couldn't damage him (tried with Flamethrower and Cloud Strike). I wanted to take screenshot, but my game crashed when I tried to switch to windowed :(

    Edit: one of my characters was deleted in result of crash. I played on 3rd slot and 2nd slot is deleted.
  4. Teddy

    Teddy Developer Staff Member

    Weird! Can't seem to reproduce it :(

    Oh, I added that to see if it helped making the HQ feel large and empty, but then forgot to check if it worked! I guess if it seems like a bug, it did not have the intended effect :D

    Oh, drats! Getting a game over resets the teleportation disables, and I forgot to add a check in the HQ scene setup to put it back afterwards. As for saving and quitting, it will take you back to the festival with reset progress (to just before you enter the HQ)

    It dings when the meter reaches the intended amount, and dings like crazy if you hit it at max! Yeah, the proper sounds will be added next patch!

    Huh, that's alarming. They shouldn't be able to die during that phase! To simultaneously answer Own's question on the topic, they shouldn't be able to die when going into their smoke clouds, either! They'll just get stuck at 1HP.

    What skills did you use on them? Do you know if they died of burn or something like that (because as you say, they shouldn't be targetable when they are outside the arena)

    As for the rolling loot, if our cloning experiments on Fred works we'll definitely look into it!
  5. Own

    Own Moderator

    Nah, it didn't seem like a bug, I just noticed it there and mentioned it to be on the safe side. I look for anything that seems even remotely out of the ordinary. Seems fine to me.
  6. loobiedoobie

    loobiedoobie Rabby

    This sortof happened to me too xD I was just going casually with the flow of battle and I killed Freddy with my Flamethrower (silver charge) and not 5 seconds afterwards Vilya does her animation telling them to jump out and throw their weapons so Teddy jumped out but just stood there and was stuck so I beat up Vilya and figured it was a good time to take a screenshot haha
  7. Teddy

    Teddy Developer Staff Member

    Oooh! I misread KoBeWi's description of the events and thought he had killed one of them while he was outside, but now I see that he killed the other guy just like you :D

    Very interesting. Was it the same timing for you @KoBeWi? That you killed one just before Vilya shouted orders?

    Sounds like I've forgotten to add a "are they dead"-check somewhere :D
  8. KoBeWi

    KoBeWi Jumpkin

    My character has the burning weapon talent, so it may be burning damage that killed him.

    I played with Cloud/Snowbuddy/Insects and Flamethrower, so I didn't even exactly know when they died :p
  9. GoodStuff

    GoodStuff Friendly Moderator :)

    I think he could say: It's a shame though, this incident with Master Ivy's office.
    It sounds old and more formal which would fit an old, wise man.
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  10. Elswor

    Elswor Rabby

    Tried the fight on two characters:

    My main character, a level 24 2H-sword max Berserker build with lv6 Heroic Slam, dodging Vilya's charging attack and hitting both her and a goon at the same time provided some insane attack speed+EP regen, enough to burst them down with the slam when possible. Getting hit at all was pretty punishing though, even at 80 Defense Vilya was rolling 70+ damage per swing on me with zerker up on Normal difficulty. Not sure how much the smokescreen attack would've done since I didn't get hit by that. I might go back on Hard and purposely run into the smokescreen with zerker activated just to see if I can survive it (and if I can, then its beastmode time!).

    My alt character, who is entirely dedicated to progressing through the story at an "average pace" (little farming, minor card collecting). Level 18 1H-sword Spirit Slash setup, this character lacks a decent shield and armor, having only 44 Defense. Focused on kiting and playing it safe this time around, after playing through it once it was a good bit easier. Don't remember how much I got hit for with him but I ended up losing about 400 or so HP overall.

    All in all, that was a nice refreshing battle and the length of it felt just right (not too much HP, not too little). Gonna enjoy rolling through it on Hard with some friends, I expect to hear some raging.

    As for bugs, all of the ones I encountered were pretty much reported by Own already.
    Did encounter some odd pathfinding with Luke and Marino during the festival, not sure why but occasionally when I would stop near certain things like the flower bushes outside the Library, it seemed like if one of them tried to move but that object (in this case, the bushes) was obstructing their path then they'd randomly run off into some strange direction off screen (but would return a few seconds later).

    I have no idea how to replicate what I saw though, probably just a one-off thing and just the result of AI being AI. It was pretty funny to see.
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  11. Tyomcha

    Tyomcha Green Slime

    I made an account here just to say this, because this is ridiculous. I was playing the new content in multiplayer with my brother, and things started breaking. Bad. There are 3 issues I'd like to talk about.
    1. My brother suddenly disconnected in the middle of the fight. Managed to get him back on after a bit.
    2. My brother took damage for no reason at the beginning of the fight. Almost every time we tried the battle, this happened.
    3. This is the big one. After my brother managed to reconnect, I started getting suspicions that something was wrong when he took down the boss in a few hits. My suspicions were then confirmed when he noticed that he suddenly had a ridiculous amount of health (235973, to be precise). And then we found out that the game had decided to make him Superman. His powers randomly got leveled up to ridiculous levels. As in, way more than the game normally allows. Here's what they got leveled to:
    Piercing Dash: Lv. 18
    Blade Flurry: Lv. 72
    Spirit Slash: Lv. 162
    Dodging Strike: Lv. 90
    Note that, as far as I'm aware, these were all things he previously put points into. He also put points (well, 1 point) into Frosty Friend, but that didn't get hyperleveled. Oh yeah, and his talents also got cranked up to 11:
    Adaptable, Brawler & Burning Weapon: Lv. 54
    Tenacious & Strength: Lv. 90
    Fencer & Chilling Touch: Lv. 18
    Not sure if these were also things he put points into.
    Also, his actual level became level 289.
    I don't think this is supposed to happen.
  12. Own

    Own Moderator

    You should ask him to upload his save here, that sounds ridiculous.

    Also, he can fix his character by typing /setlevel # (his old level) and then /respec.
  13. Teddy

    Teddy Developer Staff Member

    Wow, that's what we in the industry call a pretty crazy bug!

    Since you're on frontline your brother can also restore his save file by using the backup system (in case something else also has broken):

    Go into %APPDATA%/Secrets of Grindea and find the Backups folder. In here you should see folders named after all you characters. Go into the appropriate folder. The auto 0-4 are rolling backups. Sort the folder by date to easily see which of them was made last! The “005h” and alike are permanent backups made every hour.

    Choose a backup you think is appropriate, and copy it to the “Characters” and/or “Worlds” folders. Replace the save file of the slot you want to recover by deleting its save and renaming the copied backup to the correct slot. The 0 save file corresponds to your first save slot, 1 to the second, and so forth.
  14. Own

    Own Moderator

    Okay, time to test out the new fights on my level 18 Hard Mode speedrun flamethrower/cloud/snowman character.

    Current time played: 1h 51m 25s, Winter beaten.

    Queen Bee beaten with little issue.

    Died many times. Ow. Currently at 2h 6m 56s. Will load this file back up later.

    Edit: It occurs to me that this fight is a 'point of no return'. If you're undergeared or underleveled you're stuck here until you get good enough to beat the fight. Maybe someone (Shady Merchant?) should set up shop somewhere out of the way at the festival, sell chainmail, a robe, ruby wand, steel sword, club, bow ties, rings and potions. And losing to the Black Ferrets should spawn you at the bottom of the Collector's HQ, so you can leave and buy stuff, then come back to try again.

    Edit2: Got good.


    This fight is surprisingly difficult with Flamethrower+Snowman, requires a ton of manuverability which the slowless of flamethrower isn't good for. Winning after about 10 attempts was really satisfying, though. I wonder if I'd grinded up a Gold Charge for Flamethrower, would it have been a joke? Hrm.

    Talked to Dad to end the festival and clocked out at:


    Not bad. :) I only see people run Shadowclone Speedruns on Normal difficulty. I wonder how quickly a Shadowclone Speedrun could conclude the Festival Arc on Hard?
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  15. Own

    Own Moderator



    Hmmm. Nice scam you have going on there, molding clay around the finished statue so it seems like you're endlessly working on it for an easy paycheck. It's been two temples now, either finish it or not, don't finish it and unfinish it. ):<


    Oh, also? Have fun walking wherever you want to after the Black Ferret Battle. Wheeeee~

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