Version 0.911a


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Summary: Virtually all of Story Mode's dead ends in the world have been filled!

Recommended level: N/A

Update Description


Note: This is one of those real Frontline updates, where sounds are missing, some graphics are placeholder etc! The gameplay should hold up well, though!

About the patch

Unlike the recent patches, this one actually ties in to the main story in a significant way, by introducing some end-game "challenges". These are optional, but their rewards will serve a purpose at the final portion (which is yet to come).

We've also moved boss battles to the arena instead of the Memory Room, and you can now refight all the bosses in the game! Also, some more bosses have been given drops, which will be handed out retroactively to characters that have already beaten said bosses in Story Mode.

Since the content is quite spread out, the easiest way to find it is to use the completion tracker on the world map!

With this patch, we've reached the point we've been aiming for in terms of Story Mode side-content. After a period of bug-testing and final layer of polish, we'll bundle all these Frontline patches together and drop them on Stable in one big package!

Next Up: Since we want the final update before release to be the completion of Story Mode, and since the "end" of Arcade Mode will have some cross-over story significance, we'll actually be finishing up Arcade Mode next! We'll have to add the latest floors, a final boss, and fill the place out with some more quests!



  • The game is now more responsive on start-up, with a splash and initial loading screen
  • The Grindea statue on the top of the highest point of Pillar Mountain now serves its purpose
  • The cave to the right of the Cavelings in Mt Bloom can now be accessed
  • A final ghost has been added to the Spectral Party quest, as well as a fourth reward for it
  • There's now an optional scene that can be accessed late game in Startington
  • You can now refight all the bosses in Story Mode in the Arena
  • Three new challenges have been added to the Arena, as well as a new reward
  • Bishop now offers his edgy takes at every Grindea-statue in the world
  • A few more bosses now have drops, which will be found in your inventory if you've already beaten them
  • Ghostys and Haunties now get interrupted for longer when perfect guarded
  • Arrows will no longer drop from Endasil's cube if there are already several arrows on the ground
  • The Evil Eye now cannot be completely killed while still on the wall
  • Red Slime Hammer's gold value has been increased
  • The digging location of the first treasure map has been changed to prevent morally questionable acts of digging
  • Discovered enemies whose cards you don't own now appear in gray in the card album for easier tracking
  • The Spectral Blindfold will now only trade HP for EP when EP is below 50%
  • The PhaseFace is now a guaranteed drop, and has been nerfed a bit
  • The Season Orb furniture is now a craftable from a Season Hydra drop
  • Friendly fan-summons (and similar things) should no longer knock around your Smash Balls
Bug Fixes
  • The /catalyst command has been removed, requiring the player to actually unlock the catalysts
  • Trick & Treats monster forms are now visible to clients
  • Defeating the Evil Eye while it's dashing around will no longer leave the dashing effect behind
  • Fans spawned using Endasil's Cube now disappear properly on clients
  • Fans spawned using Endasil's Cube no longer leave behind permanent hurtboxes after disappearing
  • The Overcharge Pin now works as advertised instead of... er... not
  • Pins that gradually increase stats for the rest of a run now reset properly upon Time Crystal use
  • Selecting an item to give to a ghost during dialogue skip no longer result in a locked state
  • The hole in the living puzzle block fight room now has proper collision even when returning to the cave
  • The pin that makes wand projectiles count as melee attacks now work properly with more interactions
  • Weapon stands and ambient boxes can now be changed on clients and those changes will be seen


That secret boss fight was great, I gotta say. But oh man, it'll be years before I manage to S-rank all the new arena challenges... 99% completion for me, I guess.

Oh also all of my characters' skin and clothes have turned black


Green Slime
That secret boss fight was great, I gotta say. But oh man, it'll be years before I manage to S-rank all the new arena challenges... 99% completion for me, I guess.

Oh also all of my characters' skin and clothes have turned black
thats a interesting bug though for me the challenge is overleveled marino asshole one shotted me with the combo attack and the dash one took like 80% of my hp