1. B

    Quest/Potion Bug?

    Please please please help, I'm new here and just downloaded it from steam on February 29, 2024. The first time I started the game was with a friend and he was the host. When he wasn't able to play, I started playing on my own (I noticed it had my character from the multiplayer still saved...
  2. E

    [Gameplay] Save deletion on steam deck

    Dunno if it's a steam deck specific bug, but currently suffering from saves being wiped for secrets of Grindea on the system. Replicating the bug is simple for me, but dunno if it'll be for others. >Simply on steam deck, load account with game >Make game save >Exit game via save and quit, and...
  3. S

    map009 muliplayer bug

    hello i encountered a bug when i was playing with my friend on his server i looted personaly the chest that contain the map 009 but i never got it and even in my save the chest is open but no map in my menu
  4. M

    0.99d Shadow Clone frozen

    Just finished first boss fight (was awesome but felt.. like I was supper tanky then normal) anyway the bug is after the last phase the clones got frozen after surviving. they lasted all the way through the transition/cutscene and are still around as you can see. best guess I was moving (as...
  5. S

    Summer & Autumn Crash

    Version: 0.920a Steamy Hot Stable Error: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at SoG.Enemy.Update() in (path)\Entities\Enemy\Enemy.cs:line 304 at SoG.Game1._EntityMaster_Update() in (path)\Entities\EntityMaster.cs:line 281 at...
  6. D

    Steam Deck fails to upload to Cloud Save

    I've been attempting a full completion of Secrets of Grindea on the Steam Deck and recently despite all the critical errors, due to memory leakage on the Steam Deck's Linux OS, I've been able to play most of the game without issue as long as I'm careful about playtime and saving. Recently...
  7. SeKaZzZ

    The Lost Ship "A Ghastly Gathering" bug

    I can't pass the rag to the janitor, instead I hit him to clean the floor. Upon arrival at the bar, he is with everyone there, but the quest does not count. The bartender repeats "Pass the janitor a rag"
  8. M

    [Gameplay] Completed mount bloom but getting 12/13

    I've completed mount bloom 100% today but on the game screen ive only achieved 12/13 secrets. I have triple checked every chest to make sure they were opened. Below i've added a list of the 13 secrets mount bloom has to offer all of which i've done. Chest - Red Emitter Matrix Chest -...
  9. B

    [Gameplay] Invincible Enemy in Arcade Desert Stage on Frontline

    I have been unable to progress past the Desert Stage due to an enemy that spawns but cannot be killed. This enemy cannot be interacted with, nor do any of the attacks hurt your character. I have encountered this specific enemy in about 7 separate runs now. No ability/weapon type seems to be able...
  10. S

    [Gameplay] Timed phase run course cutscene bug (/exploit?)

    In the final Phase Shift course, the one that is timed, you can trigger the cutscene that plays when you complete it while still Phase Shifting - by shooting straight upwards from the last purple barrel, I crossed the platform while missing the ending Phase Plate. This triggered the cutscene...
  11. 4

    A strange guy that appears from portal in 1st lvl of arcade mode and crush the game

    I found this game on my brother's computer and decided to play it, he told me not to spoil his save file but allowed me to play in arcade mode. I can't play because in one of the rooms on the first level an NPC appears from the portal while scattering some buggy boxes and fireworks, when I try...
  12. FlowerLumiblanc

    Can you guys fix the multiplayer, please?

    This server is so unstable its unbeliaveble. While travelling through Dragonbone Dunes, my player 2 got stuck on top of Farmamera's house after teleporting dozens of times. This kind of bug happened to my boyfriend 3 times, in different places of Dragonbone Dunes. And there where even times when...
  13. T

    cloud strike doesn't properly refund ep when refunded

    if you summon the cloud strike and refund the skill points with it out, the ep stays permanently blocked. well until you put points back into the skill and summon and unsummon the cloud
  14. AceCat

    [gameplay]The ARENA Challenges damage calculated wrong

    The ARENA Challenges will calculated damage from Barrier , i lost 300 hp in Challenges , but it show me "take damage 1600" in summary menu that was so hard to not get a single hit in challenges (if that's a bug , fix that PLZ!!!!)
  15. Xinwahky

    My "% complete" is incorrect and I can't "open tool"

    I am translating English to Vietnamese and when I open the translation tool after a long period of inactivity, I notice that the "Status" section is not correct, it says that the dialogues is 74.9% and the misc text is 120.3%? (I remember that in the past both were 30% lower). I tried the open...
  16. S

    [Bug] seasonne number 3 item gone (frontline)

    After completing the Seasonne numbers puzzle and taking the number 3 to the ghost, the cut scene played and I received the reward item, however, I remained at 5/6 secrets found and the number 3 disappeared, when I re-entered the area, the ghost was there again, asking for the number. I am unable...
  17. AceCat

    Perfect Defense same Projectile at the same time ,Game Crash(frontline)

    My friend and i perfect def. same projectile at the same time ,game crash. Unlucky :(
  18. AceCat

    Talking to some none-important NPC will crash the game(frontline)

    天际岛上的每一个音符 击败马里诺后与他交谈 也许大多数不重要的NPC都有此问题:(
  19. M

    [visual]Camera gets stuck when it pans upwards

    When the character approaches either the forgotten tower or the ruined goddess statue past the sprout on pillar mountain,. the camera pans upwards. However, the camera will not pan back down, and it gets stuck in a position where the player is not centered on the screen and the majority of the...