1. uber

    Card Drop Rate Modification

    I want to put it out there that the current drop rate is currently fine, but it can be punishing to those that put in the time to farm for hours and see no cards drop. The idea being that starting at X enemies killed (500+ probably) every 100 increases the drop rate by 0.1% or something...
  2. WitchKey

    Card drops

    I think there's some level of inconsistency with regard to the card drops; For the last few weeks, I found that it was routine to get two cards within the first 2-3 hours of playing, and then there would be a long lull before getting a third. This might be fairly expected, but the last two...
  3. TyBraniff

    Holographic Card Idea!

    It would be cool to see a "Holograhic Card" for bosses like Gundam/Phaseman/GigaSlime/Winter/etc. Now go ahead and tell me when to stop cause im gonna suggest some hella-damn madness below: Make the 'Holographic Card' boss fight's only obtainable after you've collected EVERY card that was...
  4. WalceDony

    Is it weird if...

    I want a human card?