1. L

    [Gameplay][Frontline] Arcade - Seasonne challenge room hides the chest

    Hi! Noticed a case where the Seasonne Challenge Room where you need to reach the chest through Ice Spikes and slippery floor was not showing the chest, only to find out it was hidden behind one of the trees at the top-right. After losing the challenge we were able to properly open the chest, so...
  2. L

    [Visual] Able to stand on a hole next to Number 3 Puzzle on Seasonne

    Hi! So I've been playing this game for several years (really love it) and finally decided to join the forum. This cave is the one on the left side of the Number 3 puzzle entrance. I'm not sure if this is expected, but I don't think so. Please check the screenshot. I'm playing on Frontline...
  3. S

    [Bug] seasonne number 3 item gone (frontline)

    After completing the Seasonne numbers puzzle and taking the number 3 to the ghost, the cut scene played and I received the reward item, however, I remained at 5/6 secrets found and the number 3 disappeared, when I re-entered the area, the ghost was there again, asking for the number. I am unable...
  4. ChronyxFFS

    [Arcade Mode] [Gameplay] Vilya Boss Fight Second Mnt Bloom Floor

    Killed the second floor boss in Mnt Bloom in Arcade Mode today but when Vilya reached 0 HP she just sits there now, Jerry and Terry are both still alive (see screenshot) and both of the gates stay closed. Eventually had to end run sadly enough because nothing happened at all. This happened...
  5. Ikomu

    [Crash][Frontline]Random arcade mode game crashes

    First of all: Thanks for the great new expansion, you guys are awesome! I'm posting this not to complain but because I wan't to help out however I can. I've encountered some minor visual errors here and there, but also: my game crashed twice today. Once in the flying fortress on the loading...
  6. sscoolqaz

    Speed is key

    Now I have been messing around in Cheat Engine, cause this is a great game to learn from :p, and have found out that given enough speed you can faze through most walls (this includes arcade mode too!). Now I say most because you cannot faze through the Giga Slime arena. I know this isn't the...
  7. Zinthose

    [visual] Host not listed online after disconnect.

    Me and a friend are playing multiplayer over a LAN (Same Subnet in the house) and we are are on Front line v0.718b. Sometimes after I leave the game either via a crash or otherwise, the host game is no longer listed in the join menu. Only workaround is for the host to close, reopen, and re-host...
  8. Jenkolegs

    [Visual] Some distorted sprites

    So what happened was I did /taimingreset then tried to speed-run it. (Got the Plantae Hostilis card, can't wait for the art!) I skipped all the cut-scenes then when I arrived to the inner city, there was some strange distorted sprites which weren't meant to be there. I think I just went to...
  9. RuckeySquad

    FIXED [Crash] [Frontline] Game Crashes in the temple of seasons

    [FIXED] I encountered a bug when i decided to do some backtracking for item farming. basically when i went into the room in the temple of seasons that is above the giant statue (pictured below), the game crashes