1. L

    [Visual] [Gameplay] Nicodemus and Pernilla are in two places at the same time

    Currently post Temple of Seasons and pre Festival. Nicodemus and Pernilla, the two schoolchildren that first appear in the Evergrind school and then appear inside their house in Seasonne currently appear in both locations at the same time. I can't provide screenshots without jumping through a...
  2. DarkMetaknight

    [Gameplay] [Co-Op] [Achievements] Guest Was Given "Challenge Accepted" Achievement With Host Set To Normal

    Steps to reproduce: 1. Start the game on Hard difficulty as the host. 2. Have a guest join with Hard set client-side. 3. Have the host set the difficulty to Normal right before the boss . 4. Beat the game and observe that guest earned "Challenge Accepted" with the host set to Normal difficulty...
  3. DarkMetaknight

    [Gameplay] [Co-Op] [Spoilers] Treasure Map #9 Given to Host But Not The Guest

    For this report, I am the guest player. In Marino Mansion, somehow Treasure Map #9 went to the host but not the guest when opened. This ended up with the host getting the completion counted but not the guest when the treasure was dug up. Note that the host never played without me. Theory of...
  4. E

    [Gameplay] Save deletion on steam deck

    Dunno if it's a steam deck specific bug, but currently suffering from saves being wiped for secrets of Grindea on the system. Replicating the bug is simple for me, but dunno if it'll be for others. >Simply on steam deck, load account with game >Make game save >Exit game via save and quit, and...
  5. S

    map009 muliplayer bug

    hello i encountered a bug when i was playing with my friend on his server i looted personaly the chest that contain the map 009 but i never got it and even in my save the chest is open but no map in my menu
  6. S

    Map 009 bugged

    hello i looted the map009 in my friends game but i never got it and in my save the chest where the map is is already open
  7. Turin

    [Gameplay] [Spoiler] Stuck on 99% completion after resetting Tai Ming after finishing the game

    With update 0.99g adding a chest to Mana's house, I found I had apparently left the bridge unconnected to Mana's house before finishing the area, so I was unable to get everything in the area. Also, because Archie wasn't there, couldn't get the contents off of him either. To fix this, I reset...
  8. M

    [Gameplay] Completed mount bloom but getting 12/13

    I've completed mount bloom 100% today but on the game screen ive only achieved 12/13 secrets. I have triple checked every chest to make sure they were opened. Below i've added a list of the 13 secrets mount bloom has to offer all of which i've done. Chest - Red Emitter Matrix Chest -...
  9. T

    Statue Hairpin Missing Probably a multiplayer issue

    Hey I played this game in 2019 and decided to replay it again. I did a little bit of multiplayer and did a quest with them. The one where you need the hairpin. I decided to replay it by myself this time with the same character but the hairpin is missing and now I can't 100 percent the game. The...
  10. Z

    [Gameplay] Getting stuck in house after placing the toaster down

    After i placed the devius toster down i got stuck in my player house,i got free by reloading the game,this is just to let the devs know about it
  11. AceCat

    [gameplay]The ARENA Challenges damage calculated wrong

    The ARENA Challenges will calculated damage from Barrier , i lost 300 hp in Challenges , but it show me "take damage 1600" in summary menu that was so hard to not get a single hit in challenges (if that's a bug , fix that PLZ!!!!)
  12. S

    [Bug] seasonne number 3 item gone (frontline)

    After completing the Seasonne numbers puzzle and taking the number 3 to the ghost, the cut scene played and I received the reward item, however, I remained at 5/6 secrets found and the number 3 disappeared, when I re-entered the area, the ghost was there again, asking for the number. I am unable...
  13. AceCat

    [gamepaly]some item so hard to get in (frontline)

    i kill like 200 Pecko didn't get a single Pecko doll(i got Pecko Card easier than the doll :D). More than 300 Spinsect kills did not get Spinsect Feelers(i got the card like 100 kills). It's like 0.01% drop rate(or something going wrong in frontline). It's easy to get,in Stable (not sure , maybe...
  14. K

    Crystal Clear quest bug!

    Crystal chisel Misc. recipe not created. Can interact with Katarina and the materials have been collected, but cannot craft the chisel.
  15. Z

    [Gameplay] Elite Frostling Rogue's stuck in Arcade Mode

    Stable Beta v0.890b Current content BuildID: 5306862 Twice today while playing arcade mode Elite Frostling Rogue's have run to engage me, then stopped once at the range they would usually attack and become stuck in their running animation. I'd wager it's got something to do with their AI...
  16. K

    [gameplay]Starting The Museum is Closed before Crystal Clear is finished breaks the latter quest

    I can't talk Katarina when she is by the big crystal in the quest Crystal Clear this is resulting in me being unable to complete the quest even after crafting the crystal chisel. The events that lead to the bug are as follows: Start Crystal clear quest by talking to dr Jones Talk to Katarina in...
  17. C

    [Gameplay] Dont get hit Arcade bug

    The enemys in the "Dont get hit" arcade mode challenge room should be immortal, but the fae who can shoot fireballs which you get from a Pin can kill the enemys. I dont know if other fae's can kill them because I only seen it with the fireball one (I'm sorry if I dont wrote the right name of...
  18. P

    [GAMEPLAY] the big eye boos on the ship won't appear.

    Hi, I was playing the game yesterday and encountered the big eye boss in the ship after the phase puzzle. Thing is after having some difficulties with the boss and loosing three times I quit the game, and did my homework. When I returned to the game today the big eye guy wouldn't respawn no...
  19. Paolo

    chill effect for no reason

    [Frontline Beta] I was testing some talents on the chickens in starting town and i discovered a curious fact: Even if i had nothing that could give me a freeze or chill effect, the chicken recieved the chill effect. I know that a talent exist with this effect but i never-ever upgraded it. (i'll...
  20. M

    [Gameplay] Getting stuck in different times in Tai Ming in Multiplayer

    Hi! I found this bug today while i was playing StoryMode on Multiplayer with one friend. We both are on stable. I also tried to look through the forums to see if anyone else had reported this and didn't find any. Here's the bug: I was just beginning to explore Tai Ming with a friend but after...