1. C

    Just a small suggestions + thoughts on the game

    So this is a more stupid story that happened to me. I love the game btw, but when I first started it up, I was going through the settings and went to the controls. I saw quickslots 1-10. I saw they were all set to random letters (or atleast what looked like random) and changed it all to the...
  2. P

    [Gameplay] frontline XBox Controller doesn't allow inventory sorting

    Image uploaded is of the crafting screen which has the same bug, instead of showing Hide Known and Sort ( inventory menu) as the usual Y yellow button. Playing Frontline. Originally the buttons displayed correctly as a yellow Y button and I could sort and hide normally. As shown the game now...
  3. ThugMoneyOG

    [gameplay] equipment menu, quick slot removal

    i found this by equipping two thunder clouds. one to RT, Y and the other to RT, B RT, A - removes RT, B RT, B - removes shield style RT, X - removes RT, Y RT, Y - removes weapon style LT,A - removes LT, B LT, B - removes RT, A LT, X - removes RT, X LT, Y - RT, A also did RT, X default B -...
  4. MrChocodemon

    [Suggestion] Fixing the menu

    I will now try to constructively criticize the menu. I have no art degree or years of experience in design. What I have to offer is about 21 years of gaming experience and the perspective of a user. And I also know that some parts of the UI are newer and others are way older, which leads...
  5. MrChocodemon

    [Suggestion / UI] Better Contrasted UI Elements

    Even after 100 hours of play and some revisions to the UI I lose focus from time to time. I guess it is the fact that every element is either yellow or brown (/gold) that nothing really stands out. Yes I can see where I am with the "cursor", but I sometimes lose my position if I am not paying...