1. D

    Steam Deck fails to upload to Cloud Save

    I've been attempting a full completion of Secrets of Grindea on the Steam Deck and recently despite all the critical errors, due to memory leakage on the Steam Deck's Linux OS, I've been able to play most of the game without issue as long as I'm careful about playtime and saving. Recently...
  2. M

    [Gameplay] Can't ressurrect friend (host) in co-op after using bow

    When playing co-op with my friend (which hosts the games) we enjoy using the BOW to deal some extra dmg. Sometimes I can't ress him because for him, my bow is still drawn after recently (last performed action) using it in combat. The ress meter reaches max for me but fails. I then have to...
  3. Raeden

    Cloud sync mistake, lost everything. [SOLVED]

    Hey, I had invited a friend over to my house to play coop and when he went on one of the computers he synced his cloud save as steam had asked him which file to sync. I went on a different computer in the house and played with my file and character and everything. Later after he had left I went...
  4. XxX_MLG Noob_XxX

    Desyncing the Smashie-Bashie Boss Fight

    I think the Smashie-Bashie boss fight in arcade right now is for the most part well designed. There's a noticeable amount of chaos, but not an OP amount of chaos. And the player is significantly rewarded for pguarding attacks. My only gripe with the boss fight is that it isn't particularly...