1. WillboBaggins

    Possible stat issue?

    I'm level 14 and and have 3 points in Strength (2% ATK per talent level) and 5 points in Adaptable (1% to ATK and MATK per talent level), both increase ATK power for melee weapons. I have the 1H Carrot Sword and the stats state that it has an ATK of 139 (+5). I also have a 2H Squire's Claymore...
  2. GRomPES

    One-handed weapons

    [RUssia] Во многих играх, в которые я играл, одно-ручное оружие используется В ДВУХ руках.. Я даже стал прокачивать krit и скорость аттаки.. (под асассина). Но в этой игре персонаж использует one-ручное оружие В ОДНОЙ руке, что я считаю неправильно Пожалуста дайте ему во вторую руку оружие...
  3. S

    [Suggestion] Weapon effects/Weapon Variety

    Obviously for something later down the game timeline. But I'm a long term thinking kind of guy and can't help it and seems like something fun to discuss. So let us jump into it. First, Weapon Variety since I feel I can't really talk about effects without giving some context. So I am talking...
  4. kasfas

    Petition to add flavour text to smashlight

    That being "Imagine if you had a REAL weapon!"