Almost at 100%, I miss just ONE thing ! please help me :) (spoiler)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Kotaro, Aug 15, 2018.

  1. Kotaro

    Kotaro Green Slime


    Okay so, I just missed one chest on mount bloom... It's the last chest on the phasing mini-game, I really don't know how I can get it and I really need your help...

    This is a screenchot from the place

    thanks for your help !

    (I hide my wapon and shield just in case XD)

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  2. MrChocodemon

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    See the left most upper mirror. The interface covers it a little. You can bounce that from further down.
  3. Kotaro

    Kotaro Green Slime

    TY MrChocodemon but I have already seen this mirror but I can't go there and I don't know how is it possible ...
    Thanks for your reply and help however I'm going to tryhard to get the chest
  4. Kotaro

    Kotaro Green Slime

    Down !
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