Recently, Mario suggested changing the 1H wand projectiles to have splash damage on contact. I loved this idea so much I decided to post it for him (since he wouldn't).

I think this would be awesome because right now I don't really see a significant reason to use 1H wands once you start entering "meta arcade mode". Reach is worse. Damage is worse. Safety is worse. And the projectile doesn't even last as long (no piercing and I think less distance).

Since the orb travels less distance, it could be given damage similar to or greater than than the 2H wave on splash/explosion. And it could have knockback effects similar to or stronger than the wave. This would actually give folks on the higher end a reason to use 1H. And it would also reward the player for more precise attacks. With 2H, it doesn't matter where you swing. Your wave will hit something in front of you. With 1H, you would need precision in your attacks and you need to be close enough to ace that beautiful splash damage. (Not that projectile waves are too significantly as of yet.) Sounds dope.