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Discussion in 'Translation Tools' started by Teddy, May 6, 2014.

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    Игра на русский язык уже полностью переведена )
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    Тогда отдельное большое вам спасибо за работу (если конечно по адресу). Но ведь появляются новые патчи и допиливания.. + ко всему в стиме чёто указывается что русский не поддерживается =(
    Да и у меня версия на английском языке. Расскажите тогда где скачать архивчик с русской версией
  3. MrChocodemon

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    Could you at least put the google translation as well, so others can understand you?
  4. res7less

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    It's fine, I'll handle it via PM from now on.
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    Well, you can do google translation yourself :bag:
    (though it's slightly annoying when you have to copy-paste-translate each post)
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  6. MrChocodemon

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    I could but
    A - Everyone who wants to read, has to do it themselves. (So much more work for everyone)
    B - We have a very soft rule about "english-only posts". An effort should be made for others to follow open conversations.

    So I fully support the community helping eachother. But maybe this conversation could help even more people who have similar questions.
  7. GRomPES

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    1 В правилах нет пункта (very soft rule) использовать только английский язык. http://secretsofgrindea.com/forum/index.php?help/terms
    2 Это тема про переводы на другие языки и инструменты для более удобного перевода. Ожидается, что люди здесь будут использовать отличный от английского язык. Captain Obvious
    3 Я обращался к конкретному человеку, а не к сообществу. Если я понимаю его, а он понимает меня, мне этого достаточно

    1 In the rules there is no point (very soft rule) to use only English. Http://secretsofgrindea.com/forum/index.php?help/terms
    2 This is the topic of translations into other languages and tools for more convenient translation. It is expected that people here will use different from English. Captain Obvious
    3 I was referring to a specific person, not to the community. If I understand him, and he understands me, that's enough for me
  8. res7less

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    :bag:: Lurifix? Is that you?

    Дружище, может ты прав, но пожалуйста будь повежливее и пиши мне в ПМ на русском, а в форуме на английском.
  9. MrChocodemon

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  10. KoBeWi

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    Uh, so... the misc texts tool for new Arcade has the my master/my lady thing. It would be VERY convenient to have this for dialogue tool, so I don't have to make 3 cases (because plural) each time this appears. Something like global conditional.
  11. Teddy

    Teddy Developer Staff Member

    I actually think this is possible, though not in an accessible way at all! Adding the possibility of some easily used global shorthands for translators sounds like a good idea in general.

    If you want to do this now, you can use this following, glorious hack:

    (I assume you want local male, local female and 2+ party?)

    The raw code for that is:

    |party=y'all;lc_boy=Young Master;lc_girl=My Lady|

    So if you go into the Misc Text Tool and somewhere add a new entry, say, in RandomWords, you could make that entry simply be the raw code.

    In my test I added a Master entry in RandomWords. Just type Master manually as the LocalID and it will create a kind of ghost entry that exists only in our hearts.

    Then you can use it in a dialogue as such: [$LRandomWords|Master]

    So... "Gee wiz, [$LRandomWords|Master]! Some convoluted hidden features you've got there!"

    Would become "Gee wiz, y'all/Young Master/My Lady! Some convoluted hidden features you've got there!"
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  12. KoBeWi

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    It works XDDD
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  13. res7less

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    Dang it, if only I had known this workaround back in 2016 when I requested a suffix system for the Misc Tool :confused: Better late than never, I guess :D
  14. Teddy

    Teddy Developer Staff Member

    Sorry! I didn't consider this use of it back then :(

    After making the authoring tools which the translation suite is based on, I've kind of forgotten how the conditional parsing worked! It was just a random neuron that reminded me that they actually turn into raw syntax that can be used on its own!
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  15. res7less

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    Huh, I wonder if it can be used as well to solve that one conundrum which has been a thorn in my perfectionist eye since the start, namely the "Gather your friends"-dialogues when exactly two players are playing. Is it possible to write out the condition

    IF(OR(AND(2 players, isMain, p2=male),AND(2 players, !isMain, p1=male));"Call your male friend";"Call your female friend")

    Basically if you're p1 and p2 is male or if you're p2 and p1 is male, use male version of word, else use female version of word. And all of that only if exactly 2 players are playing.

    There was another grey zone case where object references for quest progress or quest descriptions didn't really work out because for example "Collect 1 turkey" would need the accusative case of "turkey" and "Bring everything to Candy" would require the dative case of the name et cetera. But at some point, I think when I was translating the Arcade Update, I decided for quality's sake to stop using weird-sounding workaround sentences just to be able to use references in nominative case and went through all the quests, replacing references by manual words. So I guess this one is no longer a problem at least. :naniva: But finally finding a solution for the first problem would be grand.
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  16. Teddy

    Teddy Developer Staff Member

    Unfortunately, the conditionals are (almost) only parsed for the dialogue and not for text used in the GUI! So "Gather your friends" is a non-parsed string :(

    Even if it was parsed, the conditional system is also not advanced enough for combined conditions! This is something I do have in mind to change one day though...
  17. res7less

    res7less Jumpkin

    I think you misunderstood, I wasn't talking about the "Gather your friends" message displayed when trying to leave a zone (although that's probably also gonna be a topic in the future). I was talking about the dialogues that NPCs say when a player approaches them to accept or finish a quest with other players being too far away. Sorry, I should have clarified.

    Edit: But yeah, if conditions can't be combined just yet, it's probably very difficult if not impossible to make it work with multiple ghost entries referencing each other. Probably better to just wait for that one day :D

    Edit2: Couldn't resist trying but it turns out you get <parsing error> when you put code into the premade conditions, even when retrieving the code from saved ghost entries. Dang it, so close and yet so far away :p
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