Google translate, you are killing me...

Discussion in 'Anything Goes' started by res7less, Apr 10, 2016.

  1. res7less

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    I often place some of the things I translated into google translate for spell check reasons and/or to see how it would sound back in english. The results are sometimes rather comical...

    That's what happened when I placed the russian description for crafting:

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    Um... XD
  3. res7less

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    Google strikes again, explaining, who Bran Di's true supervisor is:


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  4. Teddy

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    I guess that... in Soviet Russia, Dam supervises you? :bag:
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  5. res7less

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    Hehehehe, well played.
  6. res7less

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    Oh, right, almost forgot about that. For some reason, Google Translate translates Sizou (rus: Сайзу) in some (but not all) cases into "bed", even though the russian word for bed doesn't have any resemblance to it whatsoever. Spelled in english it would be "krovat", so I have no clue why Google does that. So, I made a little compilation of the best best sentences with Sizou translated back:

    01.PNG 02.PNG 03.PNG 04.PNG 05.PNG 06.PNG 07.PNG 08.PNG 09.PNG
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  7. res7less

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    Haha, and here I was hoping to get an easy equivalent to jet lag to translate Blink Lag, but here's what I got:

    Roughly translates into: Disturbance of the day/night biorhythm due to far-distance flight

    Well, thanks for not putting in an entire Wikipedia article on jet lag, at least... :bag:

    Imagining a skill name that leaves the monitor's right border right now.
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  8. res7less

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    Me: So, Google, I'm using four different russian words here, one of which is a name.
    Google: they're all the same word

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  9. res7less

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    Holy shmokes, Google Translate turned out to be a genius this time! Oo

    The way it translates back the way I named Penn Wryte has ink and quill in it! The most baffling part is that her russian first name doesn't even contain "quill" while it's the last name that does. Furthermore, while in russian her last name sounds italian, Google somehow made the translation of it sound french.
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  10. Teddy

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    Well, pack it up, boys - singularity is here!
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  11. res7less

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    Completely trusting Google with the correction your "mistakes":

    Description of the free Shadow Clone pin:


    Backwards translation is close enough but Google isn't quite satisfied with two words and suggests a correction, resulting in...


    Ah, yes, perfection!
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