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Hey guys! You'll definitely encounter some strings that can't be translated, and will show up in English when in game regardless of your efforts. Please report these strings here so I know what to add to the localization tool!


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When we press F1 on the main menu, the white blueish title "Update Settings" is the one found below right?
on the Misc.Text translation,
Category: Menus,
LocalID: MainMenu_UpdateSettings.
Text: Update Settings
Notes: "Title for the information about updates, reached by pressing F1 on the main menu screen"

I've translated it but it still shows "Update Settings" when i check.


The main menu itself is not translatable. Single player, multiplayer and options, for example, continue the same.

Edit 1: It is translatable, just not at the same time that you change the language.
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Green Slime

First of all, i love Secrets of Grindea, great old-school game. I'm trying to translate the game and i have some screenshots (attached to this post) of strings that can't find with MiscTexts tool. I think a search button function would be useful to implement on this tool.

Many thanks.

PD: 2015/05/08 - Are these forums alive?


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Here are some things I haven't been able to find the strings for:

1. All the information when loading a game. "~empty slot~", "Completion", "Time played" etc. The locations are also shown in english even though they were translated in [$LMenus|Location_*]

2. The big "LOADING" word when loading a zone. (though I reckon this one is a premade sprite)

3. The words "Health", "Energy" and "EXP" beside the appropriate bars in the upper left corner.

4. InGameMenu - titles of the tabs "Equipment", "Inventory", "Crafting" etc. which are shown below the energy bar when the in-game menu is opened.

5. InGameMenu, Equipment tab - the left side descriptions of "Gear" and "Quickslots" are shown in english. I translated all the strings in Menus, so I can't tell if the strings are completely missing or if they are there, but still shown in english ingame.

6. InGameMenu, Crafting tab - the words "Recipe" and "Ingredients" on the top of the crafting list.

7a. InGameMenu, Skills tab - the selections (buttons) when selecting any skill. "Upgrade", "More info", "Refund" and "Equip skill" (not sure if more can appear depending on skill level progression)

7b. InGameMenu, Skills tab, More Info - When viewing "More Info" about skills, the charges ("Bronze charge", "Silver charge" and "Gold charge") are shown in english. [$LSpells|UpgradeInfo_*] has "Bronze Charge" and "Gold Charge" strings, though "Silver Charge" is missing (I think they are used elsewhere) - on the other hand the string [$LSpells|Cost1Bronze] exists, even though there are no Bronze Skill Points in the game.

8. InGameMenu, Journal tab - all the headlines of the lists (like in the Crafting tab). "Name", "Difficulty", "Completion", "Achievement", "Reward", "Drops" and "Card Album".

Those are the things that I have found so far. I haven't done any translations of Quests, Achievements, DialogueSnippets or NoticesAndTips so far, so maybe I will find a couple of things more later.

The translation tool is awesome, though! Really good job and good idea to use crowd sourcing for game localization. Looking forward to updates, new stuff and support skills. :)



Here are a couple more things:

9. When interacting with traders, their menus have many untranslated words. The words "Sell", "Buy", "Category", "Gold" are among those. Also the categories themselves like "One-handed weapons" or "Hats" are shown in english even though they are translated in the Inventory menu of the player. On the right side the words "Stats" and "Preview" are shown in english when comparing equipment.

10. Pretty much the entire pet menu is shown in english. That includes the stats in the feeding menu and in the swap pet menu, the names of the boosts ("crit", "speed", etc.), the word "Lvl.", the buttons "OK" and "Back", a part of the boost descriptions explaining the boost types (for example "Speed Exp +15"), as well as the "Choose a pet" headline in the pet swap menu. Also, when trying to name a pet with cyrillic letters, the game probably uses Unicode which results in entirely wrong Symbols being used - this also happens when naming a character on creation.

11. Names of the zones which appear on top of the screen when entering a zone are shown in english.


Alrighty, I hope that doesn't count as spam, posting 3 times in a row (I could also use the edit function but that wouldn't update the thread, would it?), but this time I made a decent list after having created a new character, playing and writing down every little thing that is not shown translated. Here we go:

12. Equipping an item in the menu shows "Equipped!" in english when equipping manually. Equipping when finding a better item via the RB button without opening the menu is properly shown translated.

13. The "Level up" under the HP/EP/EXP bars, above the skills tab and above the character when leveling up. I guess the one above the character is a premade animated sprite, but I still thought to mention it here anyway.

14. The headlines above the hints from the bag "Bag of tricks". Wasn't able to test Naniva's "Hey, Listen!" window yet.

15. The death screen: "Continue", "Quit", the big "Game Over" are shown in english.

16. Not sure if this one is necessary but the "Ress" on the dead ghosts's emote.

17. The word "CRUSH" when the shield breaks and the word "BLOCK" when an enemy is immune.

18. The word "Preview" headline when comparing items in shops, when collecting item drops or when comparing in the menu.

19. Dialogue choices: "Your reply" and all the replys I saw so far. "Yes", "No", "Not yet", "Fight", "Sure", "Nah" etc.

20. New Quest screen: "Type", "Main Quest", "Collection", "Reward", "Talent orb" etc.

21. Trader interaction: Shop names like "Dig-a-hole", "Treasure maps" etc.

22. Pet taming: When playing the mini-game on taming the words "Nice", "Great" etc. Also the screen after catching. "You caught a pet!", "Bring it now?" the description and all the rest.

23. Robin's house: "Target practice" and the rest of the menu.

24. Trophy unlocked screen: "Trophy unlocked" etc.

25. "Teleport plate activated"

So far so good.



Finished the misc text translation to 100%! Though haven't tested everything yet. Here are some more additions:

26. The difficulty setting and explanation before starting the game with a new character.

27. When deleting a character, there is a confirmation window with "Are you sure?" and Yes/no.

28. The first hint of the Bag of Tricks. I'm not sure if I missed the string or if it doesn't exist, but the very first hint of the bag is shown in english.

29. All the things Remedi says (speech bubble like Naniva's) during his Quest (can't remember the name), where one has to go into the Pumpkin Woods for him to investigate stuff. His name is also shown in english even though it's shown translated on regular dialogues while he is in his shop.

30. InGameMenu, Gear, Quickslots - there is a word "Default", that is shown in english.

31. Not sure if this is super important, but it can vary with languages: The letter "E" on equipped items as well as the small 1H and 2H that is shown near one-handed and two-handed weapons.

32. In the support skill tree the healines "Defensive", "Offensive" and "Passive". Though I guess this is due to the support tree still being worked on.

33. The suffixes of Elite-Enemies. Yes, they want translations too!

14.1. Now tested any yes the "Hey, Listen" headline of the window is show in english.

34. Assumption: Couldn't test this since I currently have no one with the frontline version in my steam friends list, but I would assume when completing a quest in multiplayer mode, which has been completed in single player mode that shows that the reward was already received it is probably also shown in english.

I'll do some more testing here and there but I guess there will still be some more stuff with later versions, so keep your eyes peeled! (oh how I got used to placing exclamation marks at the ends of random sentences with no reason whatsoever!)

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It's been some time since I last posted here and I'm surprised no one else did - I hope this doesn't mean that all untranslatable strings are now known. Meanwhile I have lovingly forced my lady wife to buy her a copy of the game, so I can test multiplayer-related translations, using her steam account. I only later found out that there is a command to simulate multiplayer, which is also good, but actually having an established connection is still better, since one is able to influence the character gender and so on. In any case, long story short, here are some more additions:

35. Interacting with shopkeepers. For some reason there don't seem to be region-related Dialogue strings for shopkeepers. And I don't mean the dialogue that happens, when you push the Talk button after interacting with the shopkeeper, but rather the dialogue right after the interaction.

36. The "Hey kid, come over here, will ya?" speech bubble by the fisherman before the player obtains the rod.

37. Premade multiplayer text messages like "Player has left", "Player says" or "Player has disconnected, attempting reconnect..." etc.

38. Arena. All the Arena-related interface stuff isn't translatable. I assume it's because the arena's features aren't final and so their interface isn't either. But for the moment none of the arena windows, like selecting a challange, the reward board on the wall and so on, are translatable.

39. When putting a skill point into a skill, that unlocks a new charge, a message saying "Unlocked: new charge level" appears in english.

40. "Card album updated" when getting a new card.

41. "Trophy unlocked" when ..uh..unlocking a new trophy.

42. The "gather your friends 1/x" message in multiplayer when trying to enter or exit regions.

Those are all for now. I don't think there is much left that isn't translatable but I have surely missed some here and there, but there will be easier to spot once all the others currently discovered are translatable :p


PS: Don't want to create a new thread for this small issue, but the cyrillic letter "ц" appears to be missing in the Main Menu font. There are two valid words in russian to translate "Options", of which one word is too long and goes beyond the borders ingame since the Main Menu "Options" string is also used for the one in the game menu system tab. And the other valid word for "Options" contains the letter "ц", which is currently shown as an "?".
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