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Discussion in 'Anything Goes' started by KoBeWi, Jul 9, 2018.

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    I might have mentioned few times that I'm making games. I was going to share them when I'd made my official website or something, but it didn't happen yet. However, I needed to make a provisional showcase of my games, so I thought I'd link that here if anyone is interested:

    Keep in mind that it's not all of my games. These are the projects I found most worth being shared. Well, have fun and you can leave here your impressions.
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    I'd totally check 'em out, but I'm super busy right now until at least mid-august. Plus, I was already asked to alpha test a game recently, which just adds more to the pile of to-do things. Really hope SoG won't release the next story update anytime soon, otherwise I'll be in some sheet. :D
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    Wow, okay, mid-august first turned into early November and then turned to just now.

    I checked out some of the games and I guess they're as retro as it gets. :D From what I understand, those are the result of a community dedicated to Super Mario games and are all made to mimic the same gameplay, right?

    I'm not a lot into platformers, so they're pretty much completely not on my radar. I tried the Island Adventure thing and didn't make it past the 3 or 4 obstacles before getting a Game Over screen. But I imagine a community that only plays platformers considers it too easy unless it's Super Dark Souls :p

    Then I tried the Mariovania one, which is a bit easier and more sophisticated. I liked the idea of mixing rpg elements with platforming mechanics, so yeah, that was neat. I did give up, though after getting a Game Over screen on the first boss.

    Overall I think it's cool there is such a community trying to keep platforming genre alive but I'm very likely the wrong person to make any judgements due to my lack of interest towards platformers. I'm far away from the achiever gamer archetype which is why platformers, rogue-like, dungeon crawlers, hack & slay and generally games with linear and repetitive gameplay don't stick with me for long.

    But it's definitely visible that you do put a lot of effort into your games, so props on that for sure. Keep up the work and the fans entertained!
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    You got it totally wrong XD

    All of these games are made solely by me. Only Mariovania and Super Duper Mario are "involved" in a community and the "involvement" means that I just shared them on a big Mario fan-game website and they got popular there (well, at least Mariovania; multiple people tested and let's played the game and I even got 3 awards, one for best game and the other two for "best secrets" two years in a row)

    The games are not associated with any website I shared them on. They are all platformers, but it's just a coincidence (sort of), because I love platformers and especially metroidvanias. I'd like to do a different genre one day too, as I have ideas for an RTS and jRPG. But other than that, I mostly make platformers.

    Thanks :chicken:

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