Phasing out of the world

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    I could not find this one on forums, so I hope it wasn't posted yet.
    I was playing with my friend. We finished the beta a day before so we headed to the Phase Shift puzzle in Mt Bloom. We finished it as well, my friend was standing at the exit waiting for me and I was making my way to him. Somehow he left location while I was phasing and we went outside to the entrance. He walked out and I got phased somewhere to the right. I couldn't see myself and move but somehow I was still there because my friend wasn't able to go out with that "Gather your friends 1/2" popping. I had to leave and join him again.
    I can't show any screenshots because it only can work in Multiplayer and it is pretty hard to make my friend come back just to record the bug.
    I hope it was easy to understand because my English is kinda.... terrible
    Using the stable beta by the way.

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