Secrets of Grindea soundtrack now on Bandcamp

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  1. Howdy! I’ve just released the SoG soundtrack on Bandcamp, so you can check it out there in addition to Steam.

    Bandcamp allows you to stream the entire soundtrack for free, so if you’re a little strapped for cash you can now stream The Fallen Collector or the arcade remix of Temple of Seasons without having to search YouTube for a bootleg!

    Thanks for listening, I’m very grateful.
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  2. KoBeWi

    KoBeWi Jumpkin

    Will this get updated as new tracks are added to game? Or maybe even before they are in game?... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  3. Brennfeu Cthulhu

    Brennfeu Cthulhu Green Slime

  4. KoBeWi

    KoBeWi Jumpkin

    Yeah, I noticed it later. So no music spoilers :<
  5. Hah, as much as I’d like to publish some of the yet to be released music, I think it will probably be best heard in-game for the first time. Plus there are bound to be some thematic spoilers as the OST winds down! :0
  6. Brennfeu Cthulhu

    Brennfeu Cthulhu Green Slime

    The spoilers are what I was hoping for :D

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