Steam Autumn Sale

The G-Meister

Giga Slime
So the Steam Autumn Sale started a day or so ago. Anyone found any great deals?

My mate pointed out that the Grow Home and Grow Up package is already down to about £6.50 (not sure how much that is in dollars given the recent drops in the pound, thanks Brexit), and both are highly acclaimed little indie adventure games by Ubisoft. Would recommend.


- Witcher III: only 15 Euro. But that game's too long - ain't nobody got time for dat.
- Dark Souls 3: still too expensive imho.
- SOMA: 11 Euro. It's from the same guys, who did Amnesia.
- Portal: just 2 Euro. If there's anyone out there who STILL didn't play it - do it! Now.
- Gothic 1, 2 and 3: all around 2-3 Euro. Classic german fantasy game - definitely worth playing. The first game is super buggy (but super fun) and the other two are also really nice. I have played all of them in due time.
- The Cave: 3,24 Euro. A game by the guy who did Monkey Island back then. Good humor, interesting/tricky gameplay.
- One Finger Death Punch: 1,24 Euro. Funny reaction-based games with ninja stick figures. Indie game.


Green Slime
Only game I was able to pick up during the sale was Hammerwatch, it was lowered from £6 down to £2 at the time and I played the game a couple years ago on an alt so I knew it would be fun playing it again. I'm currently saving up for a better computer though as my old one broke and I can now no longer play about 80% of the games in my library -_-'. Shame I'm going to have to miss out on the Winter Sale...
Ah, and sorry for the late reply, I only go on the forum three times a week or so and miss out on some threads.