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  1. WARNING: This holds what some may consider spoilers for the story. If you have not yet completed the story in its current state, proceed at your own risk.

    I'm sure enough people have posted about adjusting card drop issues, but hear me out. What if there were enemy-specific spawn rooms?

    Specifically, I was thinking about the player being able to access memories of previous Master Collectors (eg., Zhamla and Charlotte) when they were grinding cards. (Obviously Zhamla did. And I imagine Charlotte did also.) And those memories could be rooms/small maps where only (or mostly) one type of enemy spawns, including occasional elites.

    Core Idea
    The idea is for the player to be able to earn their right to an easier time farming cards and enemy drops that they may be having a hard (long) time getting. They could earn this by obtaining a certain number of enemy drops (eg. 100 Rabby Fur for Rabby spawn room), reaching a certain level, reaching a certain part of the game, or some combination, or something else. What they would earn specifically is access to an enemy-specific spawn area.

    This is primarily advantageous because it allows players to farm cards without the drop rate having to be altered (or strongly altered). I think the idea of grinding to get cards is a cool concept in itself. Apart from the need for balance, it has a very "GRINDea" aura about it. And there's a feeling of reward and excitement when you see/hear that golden card drop from an enemy. It's the issue of people literally spending several hours on a single card that's frustrating, especially if you've beaten the game and just want 100%. If enemy spawns were limited (or mostly limited) to a single type, I think that would make the grinding more bearable. This also helps with regular enemy drops.

    Technically speaking, an enemy-specific spawn room exists in the game already in Tai Ming. Currently, it can be continuously re-entered within a reasonable time frame by resetting Tai Ming. So the idea isn't outlandish (though there are no elite monkeys yet). And the amount of access the player has to the spawn rooms can always be tinkered with if the idea is implemented.

    Possible Idea for Implementation
    The "memories" I mentioned could be accessed by bubbles/spheres similar to the ones in Tai Ming...and when the player interacts with them, it would show a bubble with a master collector warding off a large number of enemies -- specifically the enemy that the player is trying to farm. "A mysterious energy connects you to the memory of a Master Collector's pursuit of the <Monster> Card. Will you follow their path?"

    If the player chooses to enter the area, it could start off with a master collector in a farming room/map or surrounded by the enemy they're trying to farm. The master collector could have an opening statement...and then the scene would warp (similar to how it did in Tai Ming when you enter rifts) and the character could take the master collector's place and start the challenge. Then, after defeating a certain number of enemies (or after a certain amount of time passed), the scene would end and the player would be returned to the real world.

    Perhaps people could get access to these memory spawn rooms after the player has obtained X specific drops from a particular enemy, or they've reached a certain level, or they've finished a certain part of the story (or some combination). They could then bring this progress (drops/level/story progress) to one of the altars to "prove their worth." This would then grant access to a secret location holding these memories of the Master Collectors. (Maybe a temple?)

    I think the idea of being able to do this through a Master Collector's memories is a cool way to add to the story. It also provides a way for an enemy-specific spawn area to come into existence.

    Hopefully that wasn't too broad. I didn't know how to post the memory thing separate from the spawn room idea, especially since the idea of an enemy-specific spawn rooms hasn't been implemented in the game. I also hope this was not a redundant post. I think Res7less had a similar but different idea.
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    I mean, this is already half implemented in the game, with a much less complicated lore background. The Pumpkin Woods has never failed me as being my favourite area to grind, as it has this specificity you want. There's an area where everything except Ghostys spawns; two where it's just Jumpkins; one with Jumpkins and Lantern Jacks; one with Jumpkins, Lantern Jacks and Scarecrows; one with Ghostys and Jumpkins; and, if you're careful, one with just Halloweeds as well, although it's difficult to set up.

    These are respawning areas too, so these enemy combinations consistently appear.

    What makes this fun for me is that you can test yourself by grinding in the large open area to get the majority of drops, and then, once you're got most of the drops, you can peel off to the smaller areas to try and get the ones you're missing. It's totally possible to just grind in the smaller areas to get all the drops, and never touch the big one.

    If the Pumpkin Woods grinding areas were extended onto the rest of the areas in the game I'd be happy, and I think it achieves something similar to what you want. Plus, I don't think the devs are that partial to implementing lore-based things either :confused:
  3. Truuuueeee. Didn't think of Pumpkin Woods. I guess a design like that could would fit in more neatly.

    And yeah I figured the lore thing was probably far fetched, but I thought why not. xD

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