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  1. Teddy

    Teddy Developer Staff Member

    Patch 0.570b (the third digit appears!)

    Summary: This patch consists almost entirely of bug fixes and quality of life changes to the game! Significant additions might take a while since Fred is away over the weekend to attend the RSM Expo, and I'm going to take that opportunity to work on the translation tools for the game. They are pretty near completion and it would be good to push out a beta version so people can start testing that stuff.

    • Added a zero to the patch note number, improving the game by several million percent
    • Added the Slime Hammer as a craftable item
    • You can now restart a memory room fight by holding Esc
    • In Arcade Mode, if you get a card while enemies are still present, it will be added to a queue shown upon room clear to avoid view blocking
    • Robin's target practice now has a proper GUI
    • The memory room now heals your party upon entering
    • Boss items are still boss, but don't sell for a billion, preventing memory room OP farming strats
    • The placeholder laser sword sound is now much quieter, although just as scary
    • The Sentry's defense has been lowered on Hard difficulty
    • Katarina (the stonecutter) has a new portrait
    • A bunch of portraits have been touched up (Harry, Mumrik, Fransisco, fighting dudes, Edward, Jonathan, Nysbruden and Luke)
    Bug Fixes
    • Herding all the chickens for Nysbruden and then zoning without turning the quest in no longer renders it unfinishable
    • The target of aimable spells now appears properly when silver charged through perfect guard
    • The fishing exam has been reworked so players can keep fishing after their first catch, and should not get stuck
    • Fishing in the Pumpkin Woods should no longer cause your character to get stuck
    • Clients no longer remove persistent spells upon game over, properly retaining the butterfly trinket and avoiding some crashes
    • Amalet no longer appears in the lab after defeating GUN-D4M
    • Boar cards obtained over multiple arcade mode runs no longer stack (sadly, it was pretty cool!)
    • Memory Room Gun-D4m can now be targeted by plants, spirit slash and other spells that aquire targets
    • Double slot facegears now show up properly for clients upon connecting
    • Reworked the quest completion code by a ton in order to guarantee a character will be rewarded before the quest is flagged as completed
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  2. ark626

    ark626 Moderator

    I like the new zero :D But i think the Slimehammer could wobble a little bit more :D

    EDIT: Why did you mention that twice? Top and End of the list?
    • Herding all the chickens for Nysbruden and then zoning without turning the quest in no longer renders it unfinishable
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  3. Wiliner

    Wiliner Green Slime

  4. Marcus

    Marcus Green Slime

    Slime hammer is great, but from what I can tell you can't actually craft an extra Big Stick, meaning you can't craft both Slime Hammer and Bashlight. Am I missing something or is this the case?

    Either way, great work, really loving the game.
  5. Wiliner

    Wiliner Green Slime

    You can buy the big stick for 50g.
  6. Inzanity

    Inzanity Green Slime

    Im actually concerned about the weapon balance right now. The laser sword comes with a whooping 120 ATK and outperforms any other onehand, or twohand weapon in the game. It has TWICE as much damage as the strongest two-hander. Doesnt really feel right to me. Thought the slime hammer would be a nice competition but meh, guess ill stick 1hand style for now ^_^

    Also thanks for the update, really liking those graphical changes!
  7. Alden

    Alden Green Slime

    Thanks for sound sword! No scary! :)
  8. Teddy

    Teddy Developer Staff Member

    Yeah, there's a certain weapon imbalance right now thanks to the laser sword not having a 2H equivalent. The reason this can't be the Slime Hammer is that you can start farming Slime Cubes right after trials. Imagine how overpowered you'd be with that thing in Pumpkin Woods and Flying Fortress if it was as good as the laser sword!

    When we add more content (Winterland -> Season Change), we'll of course take a look at balancing the current weapon situation out. I imagine the laser sword might receive a little nerf as part of that since it's pretty absurd right now ;D
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  9. Inzanity

    Inzanity Green Slime

    Hehe glad were on the same wave then :)
  10. Poring

    Poring Rabby

    yay !!! new patch !!!
  11. Eriktion

    Eriktion Green Slime

  12. Momizi

    Momizi Rabby

    i like the slime hammer, just wish it was better sence it requires farming a boss

    an idea i had would be to give it a special effect that eather did

    1, increased Knockback
    2, chance to slow monsters on hit

    just an idea

    cant wait for the red slimehammer =p

    the slime hammer shoulnt be as good as the lazer sword but should be better then the lanturnstick
  13. Wiliner

    Wiliner Green Slime

    Or chance to paralyze the enemy with the same effect of the slime boss when the player is trapped into that green cube.
  14. Zydrune

    Zydrune Giga Slime

    I shall make note if I run into any bugs otherwise. ;u;
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  15. Momizi

    Momizi Rabby

    he never did that to me

    it must be a multiplayer move
  16. Teddy

    Teddy Developer Staff Member

    I applied a hotfix that should address some quest related issues people have been experiencing (especially in multiplayer)! Hopefully this makes completing quests more bug free!
  17. Marcus

    Marcus Green Slime

    Excellent! Thanks!
  18. Aurophobia

    Aurophobia Halloweed

    I would enjoy if the Slime Hammer would have Slam ability grab opponents and throw them on next use.
    Or spawn 5 second Slime minions after Titan Throw.
  19. Teddy

    Teddy Developer Staff Member

  20. Suke

    Suke Green Slime

    I play 2h so ..What about an another laser sword 2h for the equivalent of the laser sword 1h? :p (The Star Wars fan is talking right now :D )

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