bug report

  1. B

    Quest/Potion Bug?

    Please please please help, I'm new here and just downloaded it from steam on February 29, 2024. The first time I started the game was with a friend and he was the host. When he wasn't able to play, I started playing on my own (I noticed it had my character from the multiplayer still saved...
  2. D

    14/16 map bug

    My counter of maps on the right side of the world map is counting 14 out of 16 maps, but i have them all, pls someone help, and sorry for my english i wanna get 100% of the game somone please help
  3. D

    [Crash] Infinite loading during loading map process in online cooperation

    Environment: connect by IP, both story mode and arcade mode, frontline version During my friend's and my game experience, the game sometimes get stuck permenently while loading the next map. the host and guest will see different loading animation, the host will see only himself successfully...
  4. Spartux

    Penn Wryte Summoning Book 6 Bug

    Hi all, I'm having an issue where I'm unable to get the Well-Read achievement due to a bug with Book 6. I initially got the book a few years ago (I believe v0.911 or 0.920), but recently I was playing multiplayer hosted by a friend through Steam, and when I used the book, it got consumed and...
  5. Azure Fang

    [Gamneplay] Arcade - Perfect Guard Challenge Desync - Multiplayer

    This one is pretty specific. On the fourth floor of arcade mode, in Perfect Guard challenge rooms, a desync can occur if - and only if - the enemy selected for the challenge is a Pecko. Said Pecko will randomly target the wrong player, making it extremely difficult to complete the challenge. We...
  6. M

    [Crash?] Infinite loading at the end of the Arcade mod

    Hi, This is the 2nd time we manage to finish the 11th floor in Arcade mod with two of my friends. But each time it happened, the host saw the victory menu (attached file) while the two others were in "Waiting for others players" state indefinitely. Nothing worked to resolve that. No choice to...
  7. Azure Fang

    [Gameplay] Arcade - "Pet" recruitment minigame does not start - Multiplayer

    This one only started after switching to frontline (1.01a). As client, trying to catch "pets" fails as client. When the player uses an item (in the test cases across multiple sessions, Candy Cane) the enemy gains the ! icon and approaches, but then just begins attacking immediately. Prior to...
  8. Azure Fang

    [Gameplay] Arcade - Green slimes spawn out of bounds after room completion

    Seen this happen a few times. After completing a room, a seemingly immortal green slime can spawn out of bounds. Cloud summons will home in on and attack it, racking up damage, but this otherwise has no negative impact on gameplay. Possibly related, these seem to be the same rooms where a Lood...
  9. Azure Fang

    [Gameplay] Arcade - Softlock on final reward in multiplayer

    OS: Win10 (Client and Host) Possibly related factor: Client is significantly ahead of Host in progress. Client had two potion flasks, but was set to one after Host bought alchemist hut prior to successful run. Client had one completion, Host had none. Issue: This was the first successful run...
  10. Z

    Badload issue

    The game prompted me to find the "badload" folder but I couldn't find it. The file was found "C:\Users\xxxx\AppData\Roaming\Secrets of Grindea\Worlds" through the search tool. Hopefully my archive file will be fixed. Very good game.
  11. M

    GUN-D4M bug in final tower?

    Don't know if this has already been said or not, but I was doing the boss rush in the final tower and I made it to the phaseman part, but was standing on one of the platforms in the very back against the edge, and when it transitioned to Gun-D4m I fell off the screen along with part of the...
  12. N

    Error: System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException

    I launch the game, see the loading screen and the game crashes when the composers are shown. Shows the "Game deaded" window and this is in the error file. Version: 1.00a Steamy Hot Stable Error: System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Индекс за пределами диапазона. Индекс должен быть положительным...
  13. S

    Map 009 bugged

    hello i looted the map009 in my friends game but i never got it and in my save the chest where the map is is already open
  14. M

    0.99e Multiplayer Housing Bug

    Hello again, upon booting the game up after a short break the house was complete. we went to go inside and as you can see from the Screenshot we get the prompt "_string_not_found?!!" we are able to accept it and go inside a house but that is as far as we are will to go with it. we could not...
  15. F

    savefile broken in 0.99c

    I had complete main story when I played the game last time. But now after update to 0.99c, my savefile seems to be broken. 1. the completion become 57%, it should be 95%+. 2. all tasks completed is gone (the 2 tasks in the screenshot is completed just now): 3: the map contains nothing (the...
  16. Huanget

    Game crash when swapping pet

    I just got my pet Rabby and I didn't equipment it immediately, I want to change my current pet from Mrs. Bee to Rabby, after entered some wrong menu, I enterd the Swap pet menu, then the game crashed after I selected Rabby. I'm using the chinese version from steam workshop, then the error report...