Penn Wryte Summoning Book 6 Bug


Green Slime
Hi all, I'm having an issue where I'm unable to get the Well-Read achievement due to a bug with Book 6. I initially got the book a few years ago (I believe v0.911 or 0.920), but recently I was playing multiplayer hosted by a friend through Steam, and when I used the book, it got consumed and disappeared from my inventory. After restarting the game, the book didn't come back but my progress on the Well-Read achievement got reset, so I can no longer complete it. Talking to Penn Wryte again only gives the dialogue about thanking the player for inspiration, and resetting the desert area with /desertreset didn't work either. Any ideas?


Staff member
Thanks! That's some very interesting info regarding this issue! The books were not flagged as "keep after use", but the server handles the item usage in a way where that didn't matter for these books. Clients, however, could remove the book from inventory as have happened to you. That most likely is a key part of the reason why this bug affects people!

To fix it in your save, you should be able to enter the following into the in-game chat:

/item _KeyItem_PennWryteFinale_Love

To get one of the books and be able to read it!