[Gameplay] Arcade - Softlock on final reward in multiplayer

Azure Fang

Green Slime
OS: Win10 (Client and Host)

Possibly related factor:
Client is significantly ahead of Host in progress. Client had two potion flasks, but was set to one after Host bought alchemist hut prior to successful run. Client had one completion, Host had none.

This was the first successful run for the Host. When we went through the the end portal, the Client (me) did not receive a reward screen. When the Host chose not to submit score to Steam, the Client received a "waiting on players" textbox and the Host was just stuck on the reward screen. Application was still recognizing inputs -- hitting a keyboard key caused the game to swap from controller to keyboard UI and visa versa -- but would not allow advancement. Host was forced to ALT-F4, which dumped client back to main menu, reverting all progress including rewards from unlocked achievements (but thankfully restoring potion count back to 2).


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Thanks for the report!

So to be clear, this was when going back to Arcadia from the island with the big chest?

Azure Fang

Green Slime
To test, we ran another run and replicated everything. It's worth noting that after a single town upgrade, even unrelated to potions, the Client (me) was again dropped to the Host's flask total - one. Beyond this, we completed a run and went through the end portal. Results were the same, however it was noted that the Host's reward screen showed that they had accepted everything; P1 turned green while P2 stayed white, but Client never received a reward screen and only had the "waiting for players" box.

This time, Client ALT-F4'd. This immediately progressed Host back to town as intended, allowing them to keep everything from the successful run, but Client lost everything.