1. Ecodot

    Multiplayer bug: Player stuck outside of mimic boss fight

    When two players spawn in the mimic boss fight room and one of the players just stay still and the other one activates the mimic, then the other player will be locked outside of the room (The game spawn fences and the other player gets stuck behind them).
  2. 0x5f375a86

    Third States of mimic

    After defeating the second state of the mimic, if you are in the red area of the image, then you will be stuck with the huge mimic. You can't attack him. Can't trigger it to move. I can't use English freely. I hope you understand what I mean. Any questions you can ask me. ---------2017/3/28...
  3. GilVallus

    (Spoilers ig) [Redacted Boss]

    I've been hella inactive here, but I have been keeping track of the devblog and vilya's blog and wanted to throw in a third idea on how the final phase could go: The idea of them being stationary and spewing enemies/items is nice, but I think the mimic should be technically vulnerable through...