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  1. 0x5f375a86

    0x5f375a86 Green Slime

    After defeating the second state of the mimic, if you are in the red area of the image, then you will be stuck with the huge mimic. You can't attack him. Can't trigger it to move.


    I can't use English freely. I hope you understand what I mean. Any questions you can ask me.

    ---------2017/3/28 15:30-----------
    Forget to say I didn't test with bows
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  2. Teddy

    Teddy Developer Staff Member

    At what time of the day were you playing when this happened? I thought this got fixed in the patch yesterday but maybe it didn't get fixed properly :eek:
  3. 0x5f375a86

    0x5f375a86 Green Slime

    :rolleyes:So I bought a copy of my own yesterday. Ready to play again.
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  4. 0x5f375a86

    0x5f375a86 Green Slime

    I played it again in the latest version of steam. I was squeezed out. :)
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