1. zouhirad

    hallo guy great game by the way

    so I love the game and I have some ideas for some cool mods if you guys can be generous and make a mode tool that will be appreciated again thank you so much for the amazing game
  2. M

    Workshop Mods

    Hello dear developers! I like your game, and i want to make it better. I think it could be interesting to add some workshop compatability. And not only with translations, but also with mods! I don't really know your game engine and your scripts, but I think that it could be possible. For...
  3. XxX_MLG Noob_XxX

    Anyone Wanna Mod the Game?

    From what I've heard, I think a few people have been interested in being able to mod the game. Thanks to a certain someone, I had a breakthrough. And recently I have been able to do a few fun things here or there: make gold whirlslash stun enemies, ensure that enemies get burned if zerk is...