1. uber

    [Gameplay] Monkey throwing bug

    I ended up killing a monkey as it was doing the animation to pick up another enemy. This left the picked up enemy frozen in the air, with me unable to interact with it. It was later fixed when another monkey was able to interact with it, but having a floating enemy there for a while fits the...
  2. Dragonsdale

    Future Tai Ming Collectors HQ Bugs!

    [GAMEPLAY] FRONTLINE Sorry didn't put this in the title!!! So I've found two odd things in the walled arena below the collectors HQ in future Tai Ming. 1) A Thornworm left Tai Ming to go on an adventure to distant lands. A monkey threw a thornworm, and it landed next to the right-hand wall...
  3. G

    [Gameplay] The monkey room in TM2

    Hello! I just finished Tai Ming 2 earlier today, and noticed something that you guys (game developers) probably hadn't intended. In the room with the gazillion monkeys that throw around the key needed to exit the room, if you return to the previous room after obtaining the key (whether or not...