[Gameplay] The monkey room in TM2


Green Slime

I just finished Tai Ming 2 earlier today, and noticed something that you guys (game developers) probably hadn't intended.

In the room with the gazillion monkeys that throw around the key needed to exit the room, if you return to the previous room after obtaining the key (whether or not you leave any monkeys alive or not), the key returns to the chest and you have to do the fight all over again.

I didn't realize at first that the key was meant for the door on the northern wall -- I thought I had gotten the Emblem of Faith and simply tried to return back. So I did this mistake a couple of times -- regardless of whether I had killed every single monkey (so many that they stopped respawning) or exited the room right after obtaining the key, the room was still reset.

TIA, and also thanks for a very awesome game! Look forward to seeing more of it. :)