Future Tai Ming Collectors HQ Bugs!


Green Slime
Sorry didn't put this in the title!!!

So I've found two odd things in the walled arena below the collectors HQ in future Tai Ming.
1) A Thornworm left Tai Ming to go on an adventure to distant lands.
A monkey threw a thornworm, and it landed next to the right-hand wall, inside the arena, but only just. I was about to go kill it (as per usual!) when it went underground, and in true Loch Ness monster style there was a line of spikes wandering across the river. It popped up once on the right-hand bank to say its farewells, then tunnelled off the right-hand side of the screen on an adventure of its own.

I'd like to think that it's enjoying life somewhere, safe from all the collectors looking for cards. Goodbye, thornworm, and good luck!

2) The greatest enemy yet: the air!

This one honestly had me very confused. (Not that bugs normally make sense!). I was grinding the monsters here, and occasionally I would look right and see a couple of monky's having a scrap. And I thought 'oh, that's cool, there must be some rivalry within the monkey's!' Later, I saw a monkey killing a Plantae Hostilis, then an echo of madness taking it out on the monkey. Then I took these shots, where the monkey is fighting the ... wall? Then the air? It even started hurling thornworms into this area! It seems that enemies in that area (bottom right) think there's something worth fighting, as they keep attacking the air, the wall, and occasionally hit each other too.​

While these bugs are quite entertaining, I don't think this is normal!!! :D
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