1. GringeaFun

    Interface and Arcade Suggestions

    Interface Developers, you want to change the color of the interface, but some people might not like it. I suggest that you add the ability to change the color of text and menus in the interface settings. So you can not be afraid that people will demand to return the old interface. Arcade If...
  2. Tree

    Is the arcadia rework live yet?

    The devblog seems to imply it's done. Can't seem to get it in my game though, even running frontline. Is this a problem on my game's end or do I need to be a bit more patient? There's a devblog post later today, so there might be egg on my face if it talks about more arcadia stuff.
  3. Smallsplat

    Interesting things to note that you may have missed.

    Exploring Tai Ming uplifts some questions and things to note, especially what people say. Please note that this is all speculation and fun ideas, feel free to prove me wrong if I missed something or add more data that I may have missed! 1. The big one We are obviously special and gifted in the...
  4. B

    Arcade quests

    I want to know if furios giga slime is the last quest of arcade mode ?
  5. Eiroth

    What's the time span for the Prismatic talent?

    As a mage, I often try to maximize EP efficiency, but I'm not sure how long you can wait inbetween spells without cancelling the Prismatic cost reduction. Is there anyone who knows the exact numbers?
  6. francismc

    Question about pvp in the game

    Me and my friend just want to know if the pvp will be implemented soon or it will be one of the last things to do on your list. Anyway the game is awesome me and my friend already farmed a lot for the 100% the only thing am missing is the green slime hat (yes its a bit annoying the slimes don't...
  7. Tibbysan

    Multiplayer on two computers no internet?

    I'm wondering if anybody else had asked this, because there are points in time where the internet is acting up or the power is out for a while and people have laptops for the most part nowadays. So I was wondering if there is currently a way to play grindea with a friend ( for family member)...