Interface and Arcade Suggestions


Green Slime

Developers, you want to change the color of the interface, but some people might not like it. I suggest that you add the ability to change the color of text and menus in the interface settings. So you can not be afraid that people will demand to return the old interface.


If you want to add more opportunities to spend essence, then I suggest adding a store with new unlockable mechanics and items for the game (new stores / pins / enemies, etc.) to the bishop for essence and give the store with accessories to another NPC. This will increase replayability and allow you to add new content almost endlessly.

And the rest of the ideas that I could offer you have already been written in other threads. There are also many interesting things that could be added.

A question for the developers.
Will you continue to develop the game (add updates and DLС) after the release? Secrets of Grindea is one of the best indie games on Steam (at least in my opinion) and it would be cool if there were even more content in your unique style. I hope that after the release you will get a lot of money from sales and will be able to create even cooler things in this game or in the new one.
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