A series of video about bugs in SoG


(I'm not sure where I should post this thread, as one is supposed to post one bug per thread in the bug report section, so I just post it here.)

I found a series of video about bugs in SoG (mostly about hitbox bugs caused by the Blink and the Piercing Dash skill) on a Chinese video website. It seems that new videos are added from time to time, so maybe the devs can check this series if they have time?

Click this link to view them: https://www.bilibili.com/video/av14714946/
All credit goes to the original authors of the videos.

The 1st video is about a visual bug caused by the Titan's Throw skill.
The 2nd to the 4th video, the 6th video, and the 8th to the 10th video are all about hitboxes.
The 5th video is about fishing while being a ghost. This bug has been reported in this thread: http://secretsofgrindea.com/forum/index.php?threads/gameplay-fishing-while-a-ghost.7329/
The 7th video is about fishing on the land in multi-player mode.


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Nice find! Some of those bugs were quite hilarious, especially the 7th one :D (I think that one is connected to the 5th in that they can be moved around while fishing if they get resurrected while doing it!)