After more than a week, I'm wondering if an introduction would be silly, especially since my avatar seems to be filling 4 out of 5 slots of the 'recent posts' feed constantly. I wasn't sure I'd like being around and involved, but it's turning out that I do.

I have a unique way of socializing, that may be helpful if I explain.
Any time I speak to someone, my first concern is avoiding miscommunication. I have lived a large portion of my life misinterpreting what people say, and being misunderstood. (so many mis{s?})
I also like to interject myself to clear up what and when I perceive misunderstandings between others.

So unless I'm in a particularly casual mood,
What I write tends to be detailed, inquisitive, and overly polite.

I appreciate many things easily, and enjoy conversing over why ideas, or art, or anything is appealing.
I discover said treasures rather late, and will probably ask questions like a curious child, but hopefully not an annoying one. :naniva:
I tend to see different concepts as having an "attractive contrast". When others think that two ideas oppose eachother, I often do not.

Here in the forums, I take interest in 'heated' discussions. I aim to have a role as a mediator, a cheerful presence, and a source of varietal ideas. See you around (some more),


p.s. check out the tags too
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The G-Meister

Giga Slime
It's never too late to introduce yourself :p A debate mediator will always be welcome, especially when the odd person gets me triggered with a hostile tone of arguing :oops:

I've got a potentially heated discussion planned soon, so keep your eye out for that :D


Hey there and welcome, glad to have another bright mind around here!

Edit: And by "another" I of course mean "one more", not "a second". Tch, talk about miscommunication.