Choosing a Skill Path upon Reaching New Charge Levels

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  1. Aurophobia

    Aurophobia Halloweed

    Kinda hard to put into words what I am getting at, but I feel like I will steer away from most skills if they don't have more versatility or incentive to use them.

    Like for Titan Throw :

    |=======> Passive : +Movement Speed until Weapon is retrieved
    Lvl 5 Titan Throw
    |=======> Passive : +Attack Power until Weapon is retrieved

    This gives more build types as if I wanted to just stay in 2H weapons, I would probably go for +Move speed, but if I wanna do 1H as well, I would throw my 2H, switch to 1H and use that buff, so I get a good initial burst, and get more sustained dps to follow.

    |==> Active : Reactivate to have the weapon return to you, dealing 1/2 damage of skill to enemies hit on the return
    Lvl 10 Titan Throw
    |=======> Passive : Leave an aura around your weapon, giving allies increased damage output

    So if I wanted to do 2H all the way like before, I'd probably still go for the top tree, that way I throw, get extra move speed to re-position myself to either dodge or setup up extra damage on the weapon return.


    Go for both bottom trees and use 1H as my sustained damage, and also contributing to my partners damage output as well.

    This is a mere suggestion, I don't know how this would want to be implemented but I believe something to this extent would bring people to use different skill combinations rather than going for strongest damage they can put out.

    THEN AGAIN, this may steer players away from the whole "free to choose how you build your character" aspect which is a main selling point of this game.

    I would like to see it, or see spells reworked, because as it stands, I put my points in whirlwind and shield support skill, and I am just waiting on passive skills because I think all the other skills don't synchronize well with the rest of the skills, even ones of the same tree.

    (EDIT : Tried to make the "trees" look better but I'm not willing to draw something to get the point across.)
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  2. Donald

    Donald Rabby

    Awesome idea, I would like to see more complex build options to be made available, with multiplayer in mind.
  3. Octave

    Octave Green Slime

    Especially since the number of viable builds is very slim. They should definitely implement something to promote synergy in people building numerous skills, because you really only get one strong skill, then one supplement, maybe two, and that's it.
  4. Donald

    Donald Rabby

    Yeah, really overall we just need more unique effects for how skills interact, like if meteor and titan throw were a combo that gave a fire attribute damage ontop of regular when picking up sword for like 3 seconds.

    When enemies are slowed by frost nova or ice spikes electric spells can deal additional damage, or chain more than usual.

    Earth spike could leave a physical barrier on the playfield that can be broken and pieces are sent flying damaging enemies.

    Shadow Clone with protection could have additional shielding(like a meatbag).

    and enemies could be beefed up to deal with this new skill synergy.

    When balancing a game, bigger is always more enjoyable, so buff, not nerf.
  5. GoodStuff

    GoodStuff Friendly Moderator :)

    This is cool and all but guys, you're gonna kill Teddy! :3
  6. Octave

    Octave Green Slime

    More passive skills will help too, not support actives, but real passives. IE: Putting points into this ability increases your ep regen, putting points into this passive gives you percentage more defense. Call them things like Quick Learner or Stone Skin respectively. Make them benefit from other abilities. ie: Stone Skin gets passive 1% more defense for each point put into Earth Spike etc.

    Cold Touch: Ice spells have % chance to FREEZE enemies. Kinda like ice nova, but for everything, encouraging ice specific builds.

    Take out fireball and turn it into a movement ability. No one uses fireball. Make it a firedash or something where you do something similar to piercing dash. Give fire a passive to be able to burn things and apply a dot that ticks for a few seconds doing like a third of the damage done by the ability.

    This game is filled to the brim with potential.
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  7. GoodStuff

    GoodStuff Friendly Moderator :)

    By the looks of it I think there is already plans on Passive skills. Just have a look in the skill menu under Support.
  8. Octave

    Octave Green Slime

    But only 3? I would think there should be more than that.

    I mean what could the three be? You only have so many options for passive abilities if you're limiting yourself to 3 of them in an open-ended system like this.


    One-handed weapon specialization: Gives bonus to attack when using one-handed weapons
    Two-handed weapon specialization: Gives bonus to attack when using two-handed weapons

    you could change those up a bit and maybe give defense when using said weapons, or more shield bar or something.

    Magic specialization: ep regen or something. maybe bonus magic power when wielding a staff/wand

    Shield bonus: bonus to shield bar, increased regen, better guarding etc

    Defense boost: more defense.

    Outside of those you really can't do much without making people angry. if you make them all magic ie: fire, ice, air. you'll make earth people and melee people angry etc..

    And those passives I've listed up there are boring. But they're really the only thing you can do with 3 passives and this combat system. (not knocking the combat system btw, love it)

    And if you do something gimmicky that only helps out the support tree, they probably won't be used so much. ie: increases buff duration time of offensive support skills. It would be kinda bland and would feel forced (coughlikewindslashcough)

    Just my two cents on the skill system currently. I really like the open-ended idea, but really, everything needs to be viable for that to work.
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  9. Octave

    Octave Green Slime

    Sorry for the derail btw. Lol.
  10. Fred

    Fred Developer Staff Member

    I like most of the suggestions that have been posted about amping up the skill tree, however I would want to wait until the skill tree as we've envisioned it is fully implemented into the game before we look at doing any major changes to it. Namely reworking the support tree, getting the passives in, adding a shield tree, balancing out the skills as they are now and most importantly getting all of the charge levels beyond silver into the game and working.
    More options and paths to chose from is of course always a good thing it games, we just need to make sure we can handle the workload and the balancing act that comes with it.

    About skill synergy in multiplayer, I think it's a brilliant concept in it self. Having the different skills interact with each other during multiplayer would be super cool and open up for more tactical choices when doing your skill builds. The only thing that worries me is that this will put multiplayer further apart from singleplayer in terms of how they play, effectively making us have to balance two more or less different games. Also coming up with synergies for all of the skills and keeping them all viable/none of the combos OP seems like quite a mountain to climb. If we can pull it of though, I would love to see it in the game.
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  11. Donald

    Donald Rabby

    *drools* I cant wait to see what you three have planned for the shield tree!
  12. Aurophobia

    Aurophobia Halloweed

    I really meant this as a more skill synergy for the solo player. I'm all for multiplayer, but they shouldn't get a major overhaul compared to single player.

    I meant this more as a reason for me not too just pool my points into one move and sit there wondering what am I going to just dump my points into after? I don't feel like using any skills within the same category is efficient.

    Generally people will pick one major hitting move, one situational move, and maybe one support move.

    I don't want to sacrifice viability for fun. (Making a ridiculous character where I have so many different skills, when it's just sufficient to attack -> whirlwind) I want a reason to pick other things.
  13. Donald

    Donald Rabby

    Exactly! We need a reason for diversification other than "Whats my dps aoe, whats my single dps, whats my support spell(frost nova duh)

    TO clarify my earlier position though, I dont want multiplayer to have anything more than single player, but naturally in multiplayer combinations of things tend to show up more often because of the different people.

    @Fred The skills would have the same effect single or multiplayer, just pulling off combos would naturally be easier with more players around. But a single player could certainly take advantage of it on a smaller scale 1/4 :D
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  14. Schattenphoenix

    Schattenphoenix Green Slime

    I like the idea. This would open a lot of possibilities!

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