[Crash] Randomly crashing in co-op

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by GreyH3, May 9, 2017.

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    My girlfriend and I have been playing for a year now and play through every update as they come by. Just this latest patch, she started crashing after about 5 minutes+ of playtime. We are playing through Steam and all we've done so far is log in and fish.

    We've both verified our game and it's still happening. There doesn't seem to be anything that triggers it as we've been trying to reproduce the crash, it just kinda happens after a few minutes.

    We both love the game, and would appreciate any help with this bug.

    Version: 0.700b Steamy Hot Stable
    Error: System.IndexOutOfRangeException: Index was outside the bounds of the array.
       at SoG.HatAnimation.GetOffsetSafely(UInt16 iAnimation, Int32 iRenderedFrame) in (path)\Items\Equipment\Hats\HatAnimation.cs:line 675
       at SoG.PlayerRenderComponent.PreRender(SpriteBatch spriteBatch) in (path)\Rendering\Components\PlayerRenderComponent.cs:line 294
       at SoG.Game1._RenderMaster_Prerender() in (path)\Rendering\RenderMaster.cs:line 2809
       at SoG.Game1.Draw(GameTime gameTime) in (path)\Game1.cs:line 1102 - FullScreen: No - NetworkRole: Client - playerprerender_animationC: 553 - playerprerender_renderedframeC: -1 - playerprerender_animationLength: 5 - playerprerender_who: otherplayer - playerprerender_animationA: 553 - playerprerender: in - playerprerender_renderedframeB: -1 - playerprerender_animationB: 553 - playerprerender_renderedframeA: -1 - playerprerender_x1: 3 - MD5: 58398ef6672127098c19a5a24bd19994
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    Another user has run into the same issue, although for him it's two-handed skills that causes issues, and for you it seems to be one-handed skills! Perhaps it's just because his friend is using a two-hander, though.

    Basically, something weird happens for some players when the host is charging skills. You could join in helping finding the cause for the bug by opting into a special beta branch described in this post (specifically, your girlfriend must download it, but it doesn't hurt for you to do it as well):

  3. GreyH3

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    Thanks for the quick reply.

    I was able to get into the special beta specops1, but it's not downloading for my girlfriend. Steam says "Missing File Privilege"

    Update: Tried uninstalling and reinstalling Secrets of Grindea. We were able to uninstall the game, but now it can't be installed at all. "Missing File Privilege" error. Will keep trying to get into the beta.
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  4. Teddy

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    Seems to be some kind of Steam issue! Here's a rather massive thread about it: https://steamcommunity.com/app/324800/discussions/0/341537671987006415/

    What seems to work for most people is trying to install the game on a different drive, if your girlfriend has more than one! Some mention temporarily disabling antivirus, and others to give affected files higher privileges (although that might not work if the game isn't installed).

    I'm going to hotfix the regular branch with this as well in a few moments, so if it's only the specops-beta that is causing you trouble, just stay on the regular one for now!
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