1. S

    Summer & Autumn Crash

    Version: 0.920a Steamy Hot Stable Error: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at SoG.Enemy.Update() in (path)\Entities\Enemy\Enemy.cs:line 304 at SoG.Game1._EntityMaster_Update() in (path)\Entities\EntityMaster.cs:line 281 at...
  2. Huanget

    Game crash when swapping pet

    I just got my pet Rabby and I didn't equipment it immediately, I want to change my current pet from Mrs. Bee to Rabby, after entered some wrong menu, I enterd the Swap pet menu, then the game crashed after I selected Rabby. I'm using the chinese version from steam workshop, then the error report...
  3. galactictuna

    Game deadly crash during main quest

    Heyo everyone. A few days ago I decided to start a new game and have been doing a great playthrough, honestly. However, I'm facing a big problem with the game crashing. During the first boss fight in the Seasons Temple, against Summer and Autumn, the game simply crash whenever I hit them. Help!!
  4. A

    [Crash] when going to town (story)/changing floors (arcade)

    I am using the stable beta v0.920a. I just finished the Flying Fortress on my main character and tried to use a portal to go back to town. After a few seconds of the "Loading", the game crashes. If I teleport to Pumpkin Woods, the game doesn't crash but still crashes on attempting to teleport...
  5. G

    [Crash] Error: System.NullReferenceException Version: 0.890b Steamy Hot Stable

    I recently bought a game and launched it for the first time. But it didn't work out, when launch the game, the "THE GAME DEADED" window pops up Version: 0.890b Steamy Hot Stable Error: System.NullReferenceException: The object reference does not point to an instance of an object. in...
  6. R

    Game crashes when interacting with objects in the ancient temple

    So I went in the ancient flying temple, tried to activate something and the game crashed, I tried that multiple times in different areas but it still crashes. I tried to install vcredist x64 and x86 thinking that it could happen because I don't have them installed but still nothing. Please help...
  7. AceCat

    Perfect Defense same Projectile at the same time ,Game Crash(frontline)

    My friend and i perfect def. same projectile at the same time ,game crash. Unlucky :(
  8. AceCat

    Talking to some none-important NPC will crash the game(frontline)

    天际岛上的每一个音符 击败马里诺后与他交谈 也许大多数不重要的NPC都有此问题:(
  9. P

    Game Crashes during potion side quest

    During the side quest where the potion master made himself young the game keeps crashing on me. It happens in the second part of the forrest while he is inspecting the purple/blue pumpkin. When i kill the last enemy of the thirde wave the game crashes. I tryed it multipule times, and it kept...
  10. Gorye

    [Crash] Crashes before the Tai Ming boss fight, during dialog.

    Game crashes 100% during the dialog that starts with Bag saying: "I don't think that's what we're looking for. Just leave it alone". The dialog progresses until Zhamla says: "Tessen... but, the messenger..." and as he steps forward game crashes. [See the screenshot] I assume it is right before...
  11. S

    Arcade mode final boss multiplayer crash

    Was on final stage of mimic fight in arcade. I died and my friend was dodging the missiles (also giga slime was spawning slime everywhere) that fire when the final mimic stage dies when suddenly my game crashed. Got the crash report : Error: System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Index was out of...
  12. Nicolasnko

    Game crashes in Arcade Mode

    I try to go on Arcade Mode>Loading>Crash. I already try to repair the archives in steam,try to uninstall game and re-instal it still didn't work,The history mode is working ok tho.HELP ME PLZ IM DYING TO SEE THE NEW THINGS
  13. Ikomu

    [Crash][Frontline]Random arcade mode game crashes

    First of all: Thanks for the great new expansion, you guys are awesome! I'm posting this not to complain but because I wan't to help out however I can. I've encountered some minor visual errors here and there, but also: my game crashed twice today. Once in the flying fortress on the loading...
  14. T

    Game Unplayable

    This occurred after i got the Statue Mask from the Ancient Statue. I equipped it and checked if it was usable in crafting: it was. Fascinated that it could be used, i crafted the furniture that it's used for. Something i found odd was that i still had the Statue Mask on in the style tabs, though...
  15. B

    [Crash] Barrier?

    I'm consistently getting a crash at Enraged Toy Machine (7 times so far). The error log suggests it has to do with the spell Barrier. Each time it has happened I was in the animation for Whirlslash - Gold Charge with Barrier up surrounded by the Present enemies and bombs. Error log is attached...
  16. gold

    Game crash.

    Hello everyone,I have a problem with Secrets of Grindea when i try to run the game. Like that: I was try to reinstall the game but it's doesn't help me,then i try to update XNA and .NET Framework 4 but the same result,please help me. Previously apologise for my english.
  17. Mipster

    [Crash]Wisp House, Furniture

    I placed a Wisp, the new furniture. When I tried to interact with it, the game just crashes/closed without an error window. The bug happened in the front line version 0.705a .
  18. A

    [Crash] Game Deaded Whenever on 3+ Players on 1 Computer

    Hello!! First off, fantastic, marvellous game. Secondly, game crashes within 1-5 minutes after three players enter using that cheat to create 3 different windows of grindea using localhost to enter the same game. If I play with two, it runs without issue. I should also mention before the patch...
  19. GreyH3

    [Crash] Randomly crashing in co-op

    My girlfriend and I have been playing for a year now and play through every update as they come by. Just this latest patch, she started crashing after about 5 minutes+ of playtime. We are playing through Steam and all we've done so far is log in and fish. We've both verified our game and it's...
  20. L

    [Crash] Luke's Axe crashes game after Ms. Claus (frontline)

    Me and my cousin were doing the quest to get to Santa Fae and after leaving Ms. Claus house Luke would do his "100 this ones gotta drop a card" and then swing his axe and crash the host game. This crash is extremely repeatable and stops all progression of the story. This is the only spot its...