Steam Deck fails to upload to Cloud Save


Green Slime
I've been attempting a full completion of Secrets of Grindea on the Steam Deck and recently despite all the critical errors, due to memory leakage on the Steam Deck's Linux OS, I've been able to play most of the game without issue as long as I'm careful about playtime and saving. Recently though I've come across the battle with the three cloaked figures at the top of the mountain and without fail in every attempt I've made it crashes within a couple of seconds.

The primary issue I'm dealing with comes when I attempt to play that same save on PC to fight that battle before returning to the Steam Deck. The Steam Deck states that the save has been uploaded to the Cloud and is now in sync, yet my PC despite having a fresh install of the game, fails to update to this save. Steam notes the save has not been uploaded to the cloud and the save is still out of date from the last play period. This is the only game I've run into so far with this issue and I'd like to figure out a solution whether I have to extract my save on the Deck and move it to the PC or the issue gets resolved from your end.


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We've finally got a Steam Deck on the way which I'm looking forward to do some testing and optimization of my own with. Until then, I'm afraid I can't do much troubleshooting for this!

According to this reddit post, you can probably find the save data in the following location on your Steam Deck: