The Big MINOR VISUAL Bug Collection Thread


Green Slime
Found these visual bugs, as well as out of bounds health orbs


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Green Slime
Hi! I just picked up the game again and the latest additions are fantastic! Great game :D

Anyway, on to the minor bug - killing enemies frozen from frost nova has a tendency to leave their sprite/attack animations on screen. It has occurred with a few enemies in my play-through, but I am having trouble replicating the bug with most enemies.

I CAN however replicate it fairly easily with the skeleton wizard's spells. Freezing them while they are casting something and killing them with 1 hit after being frozen leaves their orbs on screen (see the screenshot). This leads me to suspect the other sprites left on screen might be similar, freezing them during an attack animation and killing in 1 blow.


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Green Slime
Taking the quest to fight in the arena results in a string not found text.
The questline was still functional, and after completing it there were no remnants of the error, but I figured I should still report it.


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