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    Launching the Translation Suite


    If you own the game on Steam, then you'll be able to find the Translation Suite under the "Tools" section of your library! It will appear in your list along a bunch of other tools, and you can download and install it just like you would a regular game. When making a translation we strongly advise you to play on Frontline so you can translate new content in smaller chunks!

    Start Tab


    1) The tab row
    2) The path to the Secrets of Grindea installation
    3) Click to create new project
    4) Load an existing project

    Getting started

    The first thing you must do is give the tool the installation path for Secrets of Grindea. This is because the tool collects the latest dialogue and text file sources from the game itself, so that any time it gets updated you'll have access to the most recent sources!

    Note: It's highly advisable that you switch to the Frontline beta if you're going to keep your translation up to date! This way, when the Stable branch gets updated, your translation will already be there.

    Next you need to Create a New Project, naming it whatever you want (this is only the name of the local folder, and what the language is called on your own PC).

    This will automatically bring you to the...

    Main Tab


    1) The name you want to be credited for creating your glorious translation
    2) The name of the langauge in English (select Other if it's not in the list)
    3) The English display name of your translation (the one shown in Workshop searches)
    4) The English description for your translation (keep it fairly short if you want it all to be readable in game)
    5) The same information in the native language (this is saved but not currently uploaded!)
    6) Select an image for your translation, or pick the default flag
    7) Some general information about the current project, including image thumbnail
    8) Upload options for updates
    9) Steam connection information

    For an author name, you can either have it linked to your Steam account, which will make the attribution change with your Steam nickname. If you don't want that, for example if multiple people helped out with the translation, you can uncheck the box and enter an override name which will be displayed in the game.

    Next, select your Language. The languages in the list are these officially recognized by Steam, but you can select a language of your own by choosing "Other" and typing it to the right.

    The Display Name and Description should be self explanatory.

    If you don't feel the default flag suits your translation, you can browse for another image. For example, while Spanish is spoken in both Spain and Mexico, there are idiomatic differences that might result in a Mexican flag making more sense.

    When you're happy with the information on this page, jump to the

    Misc Texts Tab


    The "Misc Texts" is my super great name for everything that's not dialogue texts! Here you'll translate menus, tips, notices, and also some dialogue that exists outside the regular dialogue system!

    If you've already made a translation, you can import it by using the Import Texts button.

    If you're working in a group and want to add the contents of a misc text file someone sent you, use Merge Texts.

    The thing most people are interested in, however, is the Open Tool button, which opens up the Misc Text Translation tool!

    >>Check out this forum post for a tutorial on how to use the Misc Text Tool!<<

    When you're done with the Misc Texts, or just bored out of your mind, you can go on and check out the...

    Dialogues Tab


    Hey, this looks almost exactly like that other tab?! That means you don't have to learn anything new to use it! What kind of mastermind designed this software??

    The Dialogue tool itself looks quite different, however, so it might be a good idea to...

    >> Check out this forum post for a tutorial on how to use the Dialogue Tool! <<

    When you've translated everything (or however much you wanted to translate), you're finally ready to test things out in game!

    If you start up the game (for now you must run the game in the Frontline beta), go into the main menu options and you'll be able to find your translation in the list at the bottom! Don't go into "browse translation", but just tap right or left to cycle to your local copy of the translation.

    Switch to your translation and make sure it loads properly! When you're satisfied, you can close the game and upload the translation to the Steam Workshop!

    To do so, go back into the Translation Suite and go to the Main Tab!

    In the bottom right (#9 on the image) you'll find the Upload section. First you must connect to Steam by pressing the Connect button!

    If the connection is successful, the text on the bottom will change to say so, and the Upload to Steam button will become available.

    Click the Upload to Steam button, and your translation will get uploaded! When that's complete, and if you set the upload to Public, other users should be able to download and install your translation within 10-15 minutes!
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  2. Skaaj

    Skaaj Green Slime

    Hi Teddy,

    I have been set as a Contributor on a translation on the Workshop, but can't seem to update it directly from the Translation Suite, forcing me to send my changes to the creator each time I make some. When I upload the files to the Workshop with the Translation Suite, it creates a new files under my Steam name.

    Is it possible to work at several people on the same Workshop item ? Or do we have to proceed by sending files to the creator ?

  3. GoodStuff

    GoodStuff Friendly Moderator :)

    What you guys could do is make a new account and share it with the other people working on this translation so you all can go in and update/change stuff. Ofc you can't give the account to everyone since they might troll but I think that's the best thing to do right now. :)
  4. Skaaj

    Skaaj Green Slime

    Ok, thanks. I guess we'll stick to the old method then :D

    Does the Workshop provide such a feature by the way? Could be great to have it :)
  5. GoodStuff

    GoodStuff Friendly Moderator :)

    I don't know anything about the steam workshop besides how I download other people's stuff since I'm not a content maker myself so there might be some feature that helps when there are multiple people involved but I highly doubt it. Sharing a new steam account for the translation is probably the only way to deal with this unless you're all fine with sending one guy the updated files. :)
  6. Teddy

    Teddy Developer Staff Member

    Hmm, I actually haven't tried that out so I'm not sure how it works!

    However, if it's going to work at all, you must all use the "same" project file (the one that gets created the first time you make a translation). It's the project file (.tlp) that contains the workshop ID of the translation.

    Unfortunately I haven't made any functions for downloading the translation from the Workshop into the tool, though, which actually makes people uploading from different machines pretty difficult. For now, it's probably best to keep doing it the way you've been doing it to ensure that there's no version mismatch!
  7. Stefanosn

    Stefanosn Green Slime

    Hello and thanks for your instructions. They are really good. I have followed the instructions and managed to update the translation to greek language for some items. I then tried to upload i got a message of success but then when i try to search at options for the Greek language i get no matches found message. I have the option set to private not public. I want to check locally if the text appears ok etc. Do i have to make it public to find it through the search at options? Thank you!
  8. Brom

    Brom Green Slime

    If you have it saved on your pc you should be able to check it out by tapping left or right when highlighting "browse translations" in the options menu.
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  9. Stefanosn

    Stefanosn Green Slime

    Thanks a lot! I just noticed though that the letters do not appear in the game. I get ???? when i change the language to Greek. Any help appreciated!
  10. Teddy

    Teddy Developer Staff Member

    Might've been me messing up the in-game fonts! Could you upload your translation project folder (in a zip) here or in a private message to me so I could have a look at it?
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  11. Stefanosn

    Stefanosn Green Slime

    What files do you need? Should i add all the files under Secrets of Grindea Translation Tool folder? Let me know Teddy.
  12. Teddy

    Teddy Developer Staff Member

    Oops, my bad, forgot to say where they are saved :D

    You should find your project in {My Documents}/Secrets of Grindea/Languages! Just zip the entire folder (which should be named after your translation project)
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  13. Stefanosn

    Stefanosn Green Slime

    Here you go... link
  14. Teddy

    Teddy Developer Staff Member

    Alright, I think it's a bug where the game looks only at the dialogue files to determine what language to use!

    I will fix this for the next patch, but you can get around this yourself by translating at least one dialogue line, which will create a dialogue file for the project.
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  15. Stefanosn

    Stefanosn Green Slime

    Yep that worked i translated one line from the dialogue and everything showed up :) Thanks Teddy! I will continue the translate! ;)
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  16. Aendawan

    Aendawan Green Slime

    I'll make the french translate :)
    (Je vais faire la traduction fran├žaise)
  17. Jeros

    Jeros Green Slime

    I'm working on the dutch translation ;)
    (ik ben bezig met de nederlandse vertaling)
  18. Kirbyqbal

    Kirbyqbal Green Slime

    After i upload my translate to steam workshop and delete it , ican't connect or updating my translate agan please help..
    It say : k_EResultFileNotFound
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  19. Teddy

    Teddy Developer Staff Member

    Currently, the project gets tied to your Workshop upload, so if you delete the translation from the Workshop, the translation project can no longer update!

    You should be able to migrate your translation by creating a new project on the Start-tab of the Translation Suite. Then, under the Misc Texts and Dialogues tabs, you can click "Import Texts/Dialogues".

    Go into My Documents/Secrets of Grindea/Languages, and you should find your old project there. Select the appropriate file to import for both Misc Texts and Dialogues.
  20. Kirbyqbal

    Kirbyqbal Green Slime

    Oh my ... Thank you for the info , i just don't really want to delete it but my finger just sliped ant klik the delete haha XD
    btw me and my team working on Indonesia Translate and want to promote this game to my country especially for old school gamers haha :D
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