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    Patch 0.599f

    Summary: Winterland, welcome to the game! Hopefully, Seasonne now feels a bit more like a real place in the world. Three quests have been added, as well as all the caves except the third entrance on the leftmost map.

    Also, you can now actually beat the Temple of Seasons. With /winterreset, you can *gasp* reset Winter and fight him again if you want to keep on doing that after he's gone! Now the beta ends at the Collector's HQ like it used to do after Flying Fortress.

    Oh, and if you've done Anita's turkey quest, it's been reset so you can get the new reward for completing it!

    • A ton more sounds have been added, mostly inside the Temple of Seasons!
    • No less than three new songs have been added!
    • The beta now ends at the Collector HQ, meaning you can properly complete the Temple of Seasons
    • The Winterland (Seasonne + Santa Fae) has been fleshed out with three new quests and some secrets!
    • The implemented spells now all have their proper header images for the 'More Info' tab
    • Shadow maps have been added to all rooms with winter knights, making their ice trails less... overlapping
    • You can now get a new pet! It's harder to catch than the Jumpkin, but the Jumpkin has been made easier
    • A bunch of new items have been added and placed in chests in Seasonne and Temple of Seasons
    • The hurtbox on thorns have been adjusted slightly to better match the visuals
    • Frosty Friend now gains a short window of invincibility upon taking damage
    • Floor 12 in Arcade Mode will now always feature Winter as a boss (sorry)
    • The Frostling Boss has made a triumphant return to Arcade Mode, this time with a new buddy!
    • Marino (Arcade Mode) is now so cool that he's surrounded by ice storms
    • Health orbs now heal for 30 % of MaxHP in Arcade Mode (down from 35 %)
    • Yetis can now spawn on the Winterland floors in Arcade Mode
    • The bombs spit out by Presents now explode quicker on difficulties lower than Hard
    • Winter now has a significantly longer opening after doing his Ice Maze on higher difficulties
    • The winds before Winter's ice maze have had their timings changed
    • Pets now fade out at the start of cutscenes
    • The flat portion of DEF is now capped at mitigating 25 % extra damage (% mitigation works as before)
    Bug Fixes
    • Winter's winds should no longer randomly disappear for clients
    • Exiting the game with Alt+F4 as a Client no longer makes you inherit the world of the Server
    • The Summer Hydra in one of the Season Challenges no longer abides by the 'one breath per headbutt'-rule
    • It's now possible to connect to a password protected Arcade Mode game via Steam invites
    • Clients should no longer risk becoming stranded by malicious season changing shenanigans in one of the puzzle rooms
    • There are no longer any safe spots from the Season Hydras' headbutts in their battle room
    • The Spirit Slash range indicator now has a higher render order, preventing it from being rendered beneath some background graphics
    • A small visual bug regarding the window in the Toy Factory Arcade Mode bug has been fixed
    • Hit invincibility should now trigger properly during spell cast animations
    • Tracking weapon recipes no longer causes the text to overflow
    • The battle room northeast of the Temple of Season lobby no longer spawn a billion enemies on Hard
    • You no longer spawn out of bounds if you enter Evergrind East from Pillar Mountains too far to the right

    Patch 0.599fufu (Hotfix)

    Summary: Hotfix due to a number of disruptive bugs! To fix the last one I had to do a bit of a structural change to the remote interaction with NPCs, which could've broken a ton of stuff. It shouldn't have, of course, but you know how it is!

    • The 'Charging Time' stat in the spell descriptions is now more consistent in its wording
    Bug Fixes
    • The pet swap menu no longer looks goofy if you've caught all pets
    • The autumn orb in the left waterfall room in Temple of Seasons has been nerfed and can no longer trap players
    • The Snow Charm now works properly for clients
    • You can no longer gracefully step through the wooden fences to the far right of Muffin's shop
    • The Bossling no longer spirals into an existential crisis after murdering somebody with his dash in multiplayer
    • The Living Puzzle Block's multiplayer attack has been removed (the one creating fake game crash boxes)
    • The Plants and the Cloud have had their sensors upgraded, and can now sense the Living Puzzle Block
    • Equipped facegears should now show up for clients joining a game in progress
    • Shadow Clone no longer trigger the bells multiple times
    • The Ice fish now has its proper graphics in the inventory
    • Fixed an inventory bug when completing Santa's first quest
    • You can now disrespect the grieving faes by jamming out on their bells during the Temple of Seasons
    • Skipping cutscenes ending with a camera move no longer moves the camera to the top of the level while waiting for other players
    • Impatient clients should no longer cause the host to miss quest related dialogue
    Patch 0.599fumoffu (wut)

    Summary: I'll just blindside everyone with a random patch that doesn't contain the actual new stuff (leaderboards), but instead fixes a bunch of other stuff! Considering we're currently recommending new streamers to go Frontline, I'm actually going to bring this patch to the Stable branch if no new major issues get reported before 0.599g (a guy can dream, right?)

    • You can now hide your pets if you feel they are cramping your style!
    • In multiplayer, a book emote will now appear over your head while you're in the menu
    • Frostling snowballs can now be reflected with perfect guards, as with most other projectiles
    • The sound effect volume should now account for the aspect ratio, making sounds fall off faster with vertical distance
    • Client rejection messages will now only appear in the host's chat window once every 10 seconds, to avoid getting spammed
    • The startup animations of the spell charges are no longer attack cancelable (sorry Diem)
    Bug Fixes
    • Round Robin should no longer interfere with quest items that must be granted to the server
    • The Gun-D4m head can now be hit with fireballs without standing right next to it
    • Frostling Rogues should no longer randomly run into walls, getting stuck
    • Throwing out the last item in a category no longer crashes the game
    • Changing equipment through quickslots and then casting a melee spell no longer crashes clients
    • Fighting Gun-D4m with a teleport field open no longer causes a crash upon client phase shifting
    • The objective text for the Split the Bill-quest has been updated to reflect reality better
    • There is now a safety check which forces quests sync in Arcade Mode, preventing desync during boss fights
    • The player's hair no longer turn into strange colors while charging spells
    • Frostling Scoundrel snowballs are now destroyed properly on hit for clients

    Next patch: For 0.599g, the main focus will be on more Steam implementation, namely achievements and leaderboards for Arcade Mode.
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  2. Own

    Own Moderator

    Before I attempt this anytime soon, does he have a cooldown period to attack him now, or does he fire his snowballs slower?

    Or are there rocks, trees or pillars around the room to hide out his endless barrage behind? :p

    What does this mean in layman's terms?

    And the bells in Fairy Village don't ring, but that's hardly worth a bug report topic over. :p
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  3. GoodStuff

    GoodStuff Friendly Moderator :)

    I think it's only then bells outside of the Toy Factory that have their bell sound right now. :p

    Edit: There appears to be a trio playing the bells in the Fairy Village so the sound is working. :D
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  4. Own

    Own Moderator

    Another question: I think Anita used to give a Talent Orb upon quest completion. What does this new update mean? Do I just permanently have an extra talent orb now?
  5. Own

    Own Moderator

    Are the Stolen Presents supposed to disappear from my inventory after turning the quest in to Santa? Because they aren't.
  6. Teddy

    Teddy Developer Staff Member

    The Frostling boss in Arcade Mode now always jumps to the middle of the room before doing his snowball attack! In other words, as long as you move, you should be safe.

    Defense reduction works as follows:

    "Semi-Standard" diminishing returns by formula: Damage / (1 + (Defense * (1 - ArmorPenetration)) / 140)
    Which basically means: For ever 140 Defense, the damage is halved compared to what it was 140 Defense ago.
    Example: 0 DEF = full damage, 140 DEF = 50 % damage, 280 DEF = 25 % damage and so forth

    After this, there's a flat reduction, reducing damage på DEF / 6 points. This gives the DEF stat a bit more immediate "oomph", it also made very high DEF a bit too effective against low damage. This part now caps at a 25 % reduction.

    Thus, 50 DEF used to lower 15 damage to ~3 damage. Now it would lower 15 damage to ~8 damage.

    With 50 DEF, 50 damage gets reduced to ~28 damage, which is the same as it did before, since the flat reduction cap won't kick in.

    Talent orb:

    Yes, the update doesn't revert that. If it bothers you a ton I can toss in a /pleaseremovemytalent command so you can get rid of one ;D

    Stolen Presents:

    Oops! I guess the hero is just as bad as the Bossling D:


    Oh, yeah, I actually didn't consider that they'd be unoccupied before the temple was completed! I'll make them playable during the temple.
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  7. Own

    Own Moderator

    Oh, no, it doesn't bother me. I've probably actually gotten a few extra talent orbs than I should have, thanks to quests being added and removed.

    If you want to add a /ActualOrb command that removes all talents and gives you back the actual number of them you have based on level + sidequests that award them, that would be helpful, but not necessary if it's a lot of work. I don't know how many cheaty orbs I have. :p

    EDIT: I'm level 23 and I have 25 orbs. Are... there really only 2 sidequests that award Talent Orbs? Do I have LESS than I should? :confused:

    Oh, there's a snowy cliff just south of Mrs. Claus's house. I gave it a good think, lured a Yeti over and had it pound the ground there. No such luck, it didn't avalanche the snow off for me to jump down. :( You guys should make use of that heavy yeti ground-pound somehow, maybe trick it into pounding a crack on the icy pond to open up some sort of juicy secret. :D

    Additional tidbits I've noticed that probably don't warrant a bug report:

    If you press X after the tiny Santas vanish, you won't attack. The game treats it as if there's still an NPC there, but nothing happens. This is fixed on leaving / re-entering the area. Not a big deal.

    The fence east of Muffin's shop can be walked through. Not a big deal.

    The mini-boss fight was fun and challenging on Hard Mode! But the actual puzzle beneath it felt strangely simple compared to Halloween Woods. Is this how it was meant to be solved?

    Hrm. Maybe if you guys added in Puzzle Perfect, it would be a good, proper challenge though, I think! It would be interesting figuring out the 'optimal' number of moves to do this in.

    EDIT2: HAH! Caught the new pet on the first try! :D I love this minigame. Shame you can't repeat it without rolling up new characters.
  8. GoodStuff

    GoodStuff Friendly Moderator :)

    I found it quite interesting. I didn't think it was easier than the previous one. :p
  9. Own

    Own Moderator

    I started off by putting
    3 blocks along the bottom where they obviously couldn't disrupt the rest of the puzzle
    in that screenshot and everything fell into place after that, given that there was so much open room to work with.

    I guess a lot of players might not so easily clue into putting the blocks there, though. :D Let's see how LPers fare with it.
  10. Teddy

    Teddy Developer Staff Member

    Nice finds! Luring a yeti to the snow was a good idea, but there are other kinds of vibrations that can trigger avalanches, and this puzzle involves one of those!

    As you said, though, the Yeti ground slam could be a fun puzzle ability. Maybe Bett's fishing hole has frozen over, and she needs help getting it cracked open again! (because fishing in the huge hole to the left would be totally not her style)

    You seem to have exactly the right amount of skill orbs (by mistake), because there are three quests in the game that awards talent orbs! Since you start at level 1 with no points, you have the correct amount.

    Regarding the puzzle, I think it's about the same level as the previous one! Since you there was a puzzle upon a puzzle, so to speak, I didn't want to make it ultra hard. You're probably just good with puzzles and/or happened to quickly visualize a solution :D
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  11. GoodStuff

    GoodStuff Friendly Moderator :)

    I got it! All done from this patch now. :D I really liked the puzzles and quests!

    BTW I really liked the new pet catching minigame. It was so much easier with a melody to follow. ;)
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  12. Own

    Own Moderator

    Everyone knows the elusive Holy Mackeral doesn't swim near the center of the pond, maybe? ;)

    Update for Winter's blizzard, first attempt on Normal Mode: With the Ice Shield, I perfect guarded the initial blast with 126 DEF. My shield didn't break. Is the double duration only for Hard mode, or did I luck out?

    EDIT: Aww! The little jingle that plays when solving the puzzle is adorable. Is that a jingly version of the Pillar Mountains theme? :)

    EDIT2: I... hrm. I teleported to the Pillar Mountains to verify if it was their music and... I just realized, I have no music anywhere I go. Will try to figure out what caused this. Beating Winter? Playing the bells?
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  13. Teddy

    Teddy Developer Staff Member

    Hmm... did you teleport straight from the bells? There's a trigger there which lowers the area music so it won't interfere with the bell sound, so perhaps that gets messed up when teleporting away.

    It probably wouldn't work on Hard due to the increased damage, but Arcade Mode is a bastard abomination between the two, so it might still work there! The Arcade Mode winds should do roughly 60 % more damage.
  14. Own

    Own Moderator

    Aha... I did teleport while still near the bells, just to confirm whether or not the melody was the Pillar Mountains melody. Whoops.

    I'm kind of amazed I found the climbing-up-vine-with-portal bug or this one, given that it requires such a bizarre thought process to even stumble across either one of those.

    "I should leave through the temple--wait, no, I'm at 1 HP. I should teleport. Right in front of the vines I hopped down off of."

    "Wow, what a nice melody. It seems familiar. I'm gonna immediately teleport to another area of the game to find that melody!"

    Maybe it's these immensely unlikely random choices that make it so any game I play inevitably bugs out on me. >_>

    I experimented a little more and it turns out the music came back when I went up to Startington, so the bug isn't even that bad. :D
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  15. KoBeWi

    KoBeWi Jumpkin

  16. Sparrows

    Sparrows Green Slime

    I have a bunch bugs found in new version (5 ea), do i need to create 5 threads for each or can I just put all here?

    p.s. Caught giftbox from second try, ha-ha, not that hard
  17. Teddy

    Teddy Developer Staff Member

    If they are minor, like the ones Own put here, you can place them here. If some of them are significant, they should probably get their own threads!
  18. Naythan

    Naythan Green Slime

    I went into the room with the spiked hedges that moves (but after I'd already completed it once), the hedges are still there, but when you come to the Frozen Spikes they don't (or at least didn't this time) appear for me.
  19. fikapaus

    fikapaus Green Slime

    Got stuck at the Bell Puzzle, then I realized I could not complete it when having Shadow Clone active :p
  20. Sparrows

    Sparrows Green Slime

    All minor bugs I posted here, for larger bugs I created threads... All bugs here just visual
    However we aready did this, so its just visual bug
    Left from me
    And one more... we with my friend in multiplayer did all quests implemented in new patch, main and side. And now in singleplayer they aren't saved... I need to do all them again...
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