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  1. Teddy

    Teddy Developer Staff Member

    Patch 0.600a - Stable incoming!

    Summary: This release is mostly about various bug- and quality of life fixes. The most significant changes are probably the menu stuff, which now lets you equip style weapons and style shields that override the appearance of your actual weapon and shield.

    Oh, by the way, you probably want to backup your entire %APPDATA%/Secrets of Grindea folder before trying this patch out. The risk is small, but something might go wrong as I've changed up how the game detects save files. Before, there was a master save record in a separate file, but this actually made the save system much less reliable. If the save record was lost, the game would get very confused. Now, the save record is constructed on load from the CHA and WLD files found in AppData.

    Anyway, onto the notes:

    • You can now use Style Weapons and Style Shields
    • A tag system has been added for all the skills to help new players better get a grasp of their intended use
    • Pets have been made significantly easier to obtain
    • The Skill menu has gotten a visual update on the Melee and Magic sections
    • The Equipment menu has gotten a visual update
    • Non-rune puzzle blocks can now be pushed even after a puzzle has been solved
    • You can now cancel targeted charges (Meteor/Earth Spike/Throw) by attacking or using the shield
    • Chilling Touch and Burning Weapon are now affected by the Crippling Blast talent
    • Surviving enemies at the end of chicken challenges will now die when the challenge ends
    • EP Regen has been changed to speed up all parts of the regen process (buff)
    • Phaseman's Boots DEF bonus has been reduced to compensate for the improved EP regen
    • To avoid confusion, the maximum Completion % is now set to 100 % (load and exit a character to update)
    • The 'Waiting for other players' prompt is a bit bigger now
    • Enemies now respawn a bit differently, with longer fade in time and slight delays to make multiple spawns a bit less jarring
    • The character select will now attempt to create its data from the actual save files, rather than what's saved in main.dtt
    • The Silver Charged plant no longer stuns enemies, and deals a bit less damage
    • The Arcade Mode salesman no longer sells Plasma Bracelets, but can sell red wands and a robe now
    Bug Fixes
    • The Plant Silver Charge should no longer try to murder chickens
    • People should seriously not get stuck in Waiting for players after cutscenes now...
    • The Hydra headbutts should now be able to hit players regardless of their positioning
    • The trivia on the Character tab should now have proper spacing even when using translations
    • Fixed a very critical bug where you could unintentionally zone to the Toy Machine boss prematurely, getting stuck
    • Players should no longer randomly enter the Quicklevel menu without pressing the button
    • Timed out Steam network requests should no longer show up as 'Connection Failed! Reason X' on the host
    • The game should no longer crash when typing something with a { but no } in chat
    • Puzzle blocks should no longer end up at the wrong spot when rewinding them after a 'crush safe' has triggered
    • Coming into a certain room in Temple of Seasons from the top and directly running to the side no longer cause out of bounds
    • The item amount display for quickslotted items no longer gets overlapped by skills
    • Static Touch cubes should no longer disappear after the cutscenes in Flying Fortress
    • Dad no longer silently stares you down between the Exams and clearing the first temple - he now has some encouraging lines instead!
    • A couple of portraits have been updated to fit better with the corner of the textbox
    • Phaseman's projectiles should now be a bit easier to shield when they come from weird angles
    • Fixed a bug causing the game to crash if the Local High Score page was viewed while empty
    Hotfix 0.600alpacasso

    • The Gift and Bee pets are a little bit harder to catch now
    Bug Fixes
    • The puzzle completion % now checks the correct flags!
    • Some save file issues from ye days of olde should now autocorrect on load
    Hotfix 0.600amigo

    • You can now purchase the Roby Rod in Story Mode after beating Flying Fortress, and Morning Star has been replaced with Steel Sword
    • The Frostling Scoundrel snowball speed in Arcade Mode has been brought down a bit
    Bug Fixes
    • The Ice Fishing trophy should no longer appear to be achieved when it's not
    • You can no longer quickslot the Card Album via the Equipment menu
    Hotfix 0.600anders

    Bug Fixes
    • Giga Slime should no longer risk desyncing in multiplayer
    • Exiting through a crash should no longer corrupt the save file
    • The 1P Arcade Leaderboards should now be working properly again (Pokesly's dark hood hid the entire leaderboard for the stable build, where the hood didn't exist :D)

    Next Patch, 0.601a: Currently waiting for some real heavy animation assets, so I'll likely be tinkering with getting the translation tools integerated into Steam Workshop for easier authoring and distribution.
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  2. ark626

    ark626 Moderator

    NOOOO No more 185% clearance :D
  3. Own

    Own Moderator

    Does this mean the Phaseboots and Blue Robe actually give EP regen now? If not, the nerf seems a little premature. :(

    I'm stuck at 99%, for some reason. Not sure why. I reckon it's due to the fact that Amalet isn't on my stand in the HQ, or that I did the Arcade Medicine quest when it only awarded an essence and don't have the beer keg?

    Fantastic news. :D When do you think it'll come to Story Mode? It seems like a Post-Flying Fortress, Pre-Season Temple weapon, but it's not in the shop.

    I figured you meant like, Rabby and Slime were being made so easy to catch that a toddler could do it so the 'Pets Too Hard' people would be happy, but... o_O

    I just loaded up a save and tried to catch a bee, the current hardcore challenge pet, and it wasn't just not challenging - it was boring. One button press comes every 0.5-.75 seconds. There's no challenge whatsoever do it, it feels like a chore with no feeling of satisfaction at all when you catch the pet. The recruitment for pets may as well be 'Go use the item near the pet and instantly recruit it'. :( Why the drastic change? Appeasing the people who absolutely, positively need to have all the functionally-identical pets? :p

    Having a Gift or Bee before was like flashing around the Arcade Enraged Gigaslime hat. Now they're just another pet.
  4. Teddy

    Teddy Developer Staff Member

    The EP regen has been fixed and should apply to the whole process of regaining EP now! Before, it only applied to the cooldown after casting a spell! That particular part has been nerfed, but the overall process of going from 0 to 100 EP is now correctly affected by the stat.

    As for the pets, you'll have to take it up with @Fred and @Vilya! I was overruled in this instance.
  5. Own

    Own Moderator

    Ah. @Fred / @Vilya, why the nerf, then? <3

    Having a game mechanic that doesn't increase with difficulty or scale at all as the player advances seems like a pointless mechanic. If a player is doing the exact same thing at hour 10-20 of the game (which is where they would get a gift or bee) as they did in hour 1-2, they're not really getting anything fun or engaging out of it. If floors 3-12 in Arcade were as easy as floors 1-2, people would beat it within the first day they tried it and never return to it. And if all fish had the same bar length across all ponds as a Wimp it would feel especially uninteresting.

    Optional difficult challenges keep people coming back to the game to keep trying to try and get that last little extra bit of completion %. :D It seems particularly odd to make it this easy because there's no functional difference between a Bee / Gift and a Slime / Rabby, they're just there for bragging rights, but now there are no bragging rights to be had...?

    I assume the change was made because pets are harder to catch using a controller than they are with a keyboard - because keyboard presses are more precise for players, I guess. But that just seems like it makes an argument for slowing the minigame down on controllers instead of turning it into "[tap] ... [tap] ... [tap] ... [tap]".
  6. HexZyle

    HexZyle Boar

    Freaking sa-weet!

    Wow, this tag system is awesome. Really savvy and easy to understand, great job guys.
    Ah, as my primary ability, I noticed these guys were pretty crazy. Didn't know they weren't supposed to be like that, since all summons are pretty powerful, but I guess it's good that it's been nerfed.
    Wait, people getting stuck in waiting for players? Was this where everyone was finished watching the cutscene yet it wouldn't continue?

    Yay for the projectile + shield fixes

    :O "real Heavy animation assets". Shit's gonna get real. Oh. Erm, can I say that? I tried looking around for a "rules" thread but can't find one that's immediately obvious. I'm assuming it's your usual "don't be a jerk & don't link illegal stuff"

    I heard it was because there are going to be a lot more pets introduced, and it's planned the difficulty you experienced for the pet-catching minigame prior to this patch will be extended to those instead.
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  7. CookieMonsta

    CookieMonsta Rabby

    hhmm only got 95% Completion?? thats strange why Own got 99% and me 95?? ^-^ i got everything in the game and do all sidequests ofc :)
  8. Own

    Own Moderator

    Did you S-Rank all arena challenges?
    Craft all items?
    Buy all the loot from all the shops?
    Unlock all achievements?
    Catch all fish?
    Dig up all the treasure?
    Acquire all cards?
    Get the 10,000 point Archery prize?
    Recruit all 5 pets?
    I'm not sure if the arcade items count towards Story Completion %.
  9. Vilya

    Vilya Developer Staff Member

    We wanted this change because a lot of people seem to think the DDR mechanics were too difficult past the Slime level, and I understand that not everyone will be able to master this type of mechanic. We are not against having harder pets, but seeing as we're still kind of early in development, having 2 easy pets while the rest are considerably more difficult didn't feel right, as it gives the impression that the pets will just keep getting harder and harder from this point on.

    Once the game is done/we've introduced more pets, we'll reintroduce the more difficult ones for sure. However, I do feel like it's more fair to have a few that are really difficult to catch, rather than a majority being really difficult to catch.

    With that said, I think we've gone a bit extreme, so we'll probably up the difficulty a bit in the next patch so that the current hardest ones are approx. like the Jumpkin was previously.
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  10. KoBeWi

    KoBeWi Jumpkin

    Veeery minor, but I thought I'd report it:
    Birthday date now exceeds the limit...
  11. CookieMonsta

    CookieMonsta Rabby

    @Own yes sir :D all of the list ;)
  12. Teddy

    Teddy Developer Staff Member

    Hopefully I haven't messed up the % somehow! My maxed out character is at 100 %, but you never know, maybe I added something impossible to the tally?

    In Completed Quests there should be 15 quests.

    S rank on both Arena Challenges.

    All trophies must be unlocked.

    All recipes crafted.

    All items dropped by enemies found.

    All cards collected.

    Eight treasure maps should've been found (there is a hidden one in the Pumpkin Woods graveyard)

    All pets must've been caught except for the bee

    The following puzzles completed: Arrow Cave in South Evergrind, Pumpkin Woods Puzzle, Bells Puzzle in Seasonne and the Seasonne Block Puzzle.

    As I'm typing this I realize I've checked the wrong flag for the pumpkin woods puzzle, and that's why Own is stuck at 99 %! I will hotfix this, as well as make the last two pets a bit more difficult again.

    That's basically it :D
  13. CookieMonsta

    CookieMonsta Rabby

    hö?? i got only 14 quests complete : Road to the City, Chicken Savior, Chicken Chaser, Slime&Ring, For Old Times, Ghost Hunt, The Ancient Temple, Pumpkin Inspection, Toying With Danger, Birthday Dinner, The Goblin Grinch, Split the Bill
    wheres the last quest?? :D
  14. Teddy

    Teddy Developer Staff Member

    Huh... looks like you're missing "A Thieving Rival" - a quest you're supposed to complete when you beat up a certain thieving bastard!

    Is your character super old or something? Maybe we didn't have that as a proper quest back in the day?
  15. CookieMonsta

    CookieMonsta Rabby

    True its my first character so its 1 or more year old :) i know the quest but i cant replay it so im still missing it :D
  16. CookieMonsta

    CookieMonsta Rabby

    and i notice that the quest from the witch in pumpkin wood also miss, so i complete it again and the text message told me i always got the reward.
    Some Chests are closed again in pumpkin wood the puzzle room reward -> 1 chest open 2 closed and the chest in pillar mountains also closed again, thats strange :)
  17. Own

    Own Moderator

    I've probably got one of, if not the, oldest save file in Story Mode and have A Thieving Rival.

    But I was hit with the Season Temple multiplayer world glitch, so maybe I inherited the host's completion of that quest.
  18. Teddy

    Teddy Developer Staff Member

    I'll throw in a savefile check for it in the hotfix as well, then! It should add the quest to your list of completed stuff (when it's live, that is)

    Perhaps you've done some of the things in multiplayer? :O
  19. CookieMonsta

    CookieMonsta Rabby

    sorry Teddy but this Character is singleplayer only till yet :) dont know why but im gonna check the sidequest after the next patch :)
  20. Teddy

    Teddy Developer Staff Member

    Hotfix 0.600alpacasso

    • The Gift and Bee pets are a little bit harder to catch now
    Bug Fixes
    • The puzzle completion % now checks the correct flags!
    • Some save file issues from ye days of olde should now autocorrect on load

    PS: Amalet should also show up after the Naniva cutscenes! It... was... actually... A REAL BUG! :D

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