Version 0.675a


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I updated the game with a few bug fixes and also changed the default Cyrillic fonts to Segoe

@res7less I did just realize however that, as G-Meister kind of pointed out in the translation thread, this is a Frontline change! In other words, if you remove the font from your translation, it will look better for Russian frontline users, but Stable users will get that ugly, fat News Gothic look in the menu!

I guess this creates a slight dilemma of whom is the most important in this case. If it was me I would've probably chosen to let the frontliners keep having the slightly uglier experience since they've opted in to Frontline, but you might disagree!


Ohh, you're right, I haven't thought about the translation affecting both versions. I agree with the stable being the more important one. Gotta remember to test both in the future, when dealing with fonts.


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My friend can´t join anymore, after the new update i can´t invite him and he can´t join and it dosnt work at him same!

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i'd tell.png

"if I'd tell him I've been practicing" doesn't really work. Expanding the apostrophe turns it into "if I would tell him I've been practicing". Should be "if I told him I've been praticing". Also, this guy's animation doesn't really give him an excuse not to turn and face you when you talk to him.


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hey i don't don't know if anyone has has experienced it , but i have found a graphical bug ( i have no pictures :confused: ) , it is like a tv with no channels screen with random colours. i found it so far while using a gold charged snow buddy and from smoke puffs from a chimney ( can't remember more details ) . i hope you can get this one fixed , can't have this in the stable version :p


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Can i still playing this game with windows 8.1?
because i just update my windows OS from 7 to 8.1 and i lost my save folder/files


If the game used to work ok, and then suddenly it starts to lag on the same PC, it's most likely graphic driver fault. Update/re-install your drivers and it should work fine.